stories: the beginning of INDIERELLA.

I am a storyteller.

I am a singer-in-the-shower, a late-night-songwriter, a concert-screamer, a signed-t-shirt-wearer, a music enthusiast. I am many things, but I am a storyteller first.

We all have our own stories to tell and stories yet to be had. Wouldn’t you agree that music is the best medium for stories?

I’d think so.

Not every musician lucky enough gets their story told to millions of people. Not every artist fills concert halls with a sea of screaming fans. But every song, ever minute put into their work, every performance dedicated to their craft is worth something.

And isn’t that incredible?

This is a space for sharing stories, showcasing songs, and praising talent. This is a space that explores the gaps between musical genres, that seeks out artists killing it in niche venues, that looks beyond today’s top hits for the next great tune to pass through your headphones.

My name is Kat, and I tell stories.

So what’s yours?

Welcome to INDIERELLA. Submit here.


20 thoughts on “stories: the beginning of INDIERELLA.

  1. Story telling can be very powerful. I suppose each blog is like that. I moved overseas and I often blog about that. I love sharing that experience with readers as it’s very different than what they might know.

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  2. I can’t sing to save my life however I love to cook and could spend hours in the kitchen which is why I write a food blog. I can tell you many a stores about that.

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    1. There you go! You’ve got stories in the recipes themselves, the food being made, and when it’s shared with other people–there’s so much to experience, food-wise, which is great!


  3. Hi StoryTeller,
    As you have such a love for music and the wide world of musicians you have certainly found the right place when you signed up over at
    Having been a member there for over 5 years I can personally vouch for the fact that it is THE place for world class unsigned musical talent. No covers allowed. All original music made by talent from almost every country in the world.
    You are going to have such a blast finding out all about these folk.
    Sit back and enjoy.

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