basically, me.

You’re probably wondering who I am, what I do, why would you want to read a blog like mine when Billboard and Rolling Stone can tell you all you need to know about music. Let’s get those basic things out of the way, shall we?

First things first, I’ve got a little about me page that can be summarized as: I really really like music and I’ve been writing about it for a long while.

What I do is I’m currently a college student, I only just my political science thesis on Taylor Swift and Kesha’s sexual assault court cases. What I want to do is be an entertainment lawyer in the music industry (all I want really is to go to concerts and take my clients to lunch).

And why should you pay attention to anything I have to say on this blog? Well, it’s a humbling but somehow empowering question. One of the problems with the music sphere is that there is just so much out content out there, so how will you be able to listen to it all?

Spoiler: you can’t.

So let me set that problem aside and filter some content to give to you, but I’d like to add my own twist and tell you why you should be listening to this cool thing. Isn’t the experience richer if you know a little bit about what’s going on around it? I want to highlight the artists and the game-changers, not just the songs they put out.

I’m going to be talking about music a lot, but you should also follow along with your ears. You can follow my musical adventures on Spotify or check out these playlists:

bop clipboard. for bops, pop tunes, catchy songs, and plenty of good vibes

revenge body. for workout songs to kill your cardio days

rainy days. for when you’re in a blue mood

make out with me. for steamy, romantic make out songs

Do you make cool music? Want to collaborate or just want to say hi? Send me a message or submit your content.

Want to keep in touch? Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

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16 thoughts on “basically, me.

    1. And thank YOU for reading! I’ve had a great time getting to work with artists and bands through writing for other publications and it has really cemented my desire to work in the music industry.


  1. You really are a music lover. Aside from the list that you shared, which I will be listening to, you’re into entertainment lawyer. I didn’t know there’s a term on that one, I just know lawyer. Good luck with your journey.

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  2. We all do have our own preferences whether it’s a music, photography or sharing our day to day activities to inspire other people. You have a great list of music and I will be checking them out. Thanks for sharing them. Good luck to you and your blog. Wishing you the best!

    Liked by 1 person

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