what I listen to.

You’re probably wondering what kind of music I like. I’ll tell you, ’cause maybe we like the same things.

Everyone goes through music phases. As a kid I grew up with Opera and Broadway–definitely a fine arts background. Then the TV show Glee came out and I started exploring 80s rock ‘n’ roll, then moved on to the broader rock genre. I had my emo phase like any angsty teenager, and from there I shifted to punk. In high school I started picking up random CDs at the library and listening to anything I could get my hands on, and I really mean anything. Now it’s just a hodgepodge of genres, I can’t say I have a favorite.

I guess I listen to everything.

Obviously, I’m a big fan of indie music, hence the name of the blog. Pop, rock, punk, electronic, alternative, I can’t say I’m well-versed in Rap or Hip-Hop, but I like what I like.

So what about specific artists?

Currently I’m on a female indie-pop-electronica kick, which is a great kick to be on. I’m currently obsessed with MUNA, Fickle Friends, and Betty Who. I’m just living for upbeat sounds, lyrics that you notice more and more as you listen, and music that makes you feel good.

MUNA photographed by Justine Trickeett

MUNA just wrapped up their tour opening for Harry Styles, and they’ve got an excellent album under their belts where you will love every song. The general vibe is of upbeat bops but with a layer of sadness. But the best part is that each time you listen to a song, you’ll find something you didn’t notice before.

Fickle Friends by NME

Fickle Friends are like California sun-pop with an indie-rock edge. You wouldn’t think sun and Britain go together, but here they are, from Brighton (which does in fact have a beach) making the best catchy tunes. After several singles and EPs, they’re getting ready to release their debut album and touring around the UK. But we’re still wondering, when are they coming to the states??

Betty Who by The Improper Bostonian

I stumbled across Betty Who pretty recently thanks to Spotify’s recommended songs (#BLESS), but “Mama Say” is probably my favorite new song. It’s my dance-down-the-street, two-left-feet-but-I-can-move-my-hips, 2018-is-gonna-by-my-year song. If you’re looking for pop but without all the fuss, remixing, and autotune, this is it. She’s from Australia but she was trained at Berklee College of Music and is now based in the US. Just go listen, you’ll love her.


Then some other people I’m listening to that aren’t totally on the female indie-pop-electronica kick, BUT are on similar wavelengths that you should definitely check out.

Walk the Moon by Brian Ziff

I have a friend who is obsessed with Walk the Moon, and she has bestowed some of her love onto me. Their new album came out a couple of months ago, three years after their last LP (Remember “Shut Up and Dance”?). What If Nothing has a synth-pop vibe and plenty of catchy guitar and keyboard riffs that seem to fill your soul. I just want more and more from them.


What can I say about LP? She could sing about her grocery list and I would still love it. Her voice is otherworldly, folks. “Tokyo Sunrise”? Insane. She also plays the ukulele and incorporates whistling into her music. It’s something else, you don’t even know. If you’re not listening to her right now then you’re missing out, that’s just it.

Marianas Trench

I’ve been listening to Marianas Trench since high school, but I fell out of listening until recently. Their pop-punk sound always leans towards the fun, the melodic, but I really love the faintly Broadway-sounding songs that make me think “these guys must be living in a musical or something.” It must be the mixture of pop and rock that create something wonderful to listen to.

Kesha by Olivia Bee

Holy cow, I love Kesha. I loved early Animal Ke$ha and I really really love Rainbow Kesha. I wrote half my thesis about her: I am a huge Kesha fan. When the first single, “Praying” dropped I remember I was fixing my face in front of the mirror, only half paying attention to my makeup, and then she hit that crazy high note at the end of the bridge. I literally threw up my hands and shouted “YES!” because this is what music is for. It’s for liberation, for power ballads and single notes that make the rest of the world fade away.

Wanna hear a playlist for this post? Listen below and follow me on Spotify to hear what’s going throw my ears!


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4 thoughts on “what I listen to.

  1. Wow!
    Got some new music, I’m so board with my english song playlist.
    All the songs are nice. I will listen them on YouTube because Spotify is not supported in India.
    Thank you for the new music list.
    Ashutosh singh


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