looking at BAD COP/BAD COP.

Last year I got to chat with some of the awesome ladies of Bad Cop/Bad Cop at Vans Warped Tour for an article I was writing for an awesome media outlet called babe. (I’m so sad that Warped is ending this year…RIP) And I still think about that interview…they were my first band of the day and I had never done anything like it before. By that summer I had cut my teeth on the London music scene, profiling bands and doing a couple of interviews, but this was really big for me. This was…Warped Tour. The former emo kid in me was gazing glassy-eyed at every little detail.

And then even without realizing it, BC/BC totally put me at ease. These badass, tattooed, tearing-up-the-stage rockers were so incredibly nice, and just gems to talk with. Like, they invited me to chill if I was ever in LA. They’re just swell.



So how can I tell you about the music? For starters, Kylo Ren wouldn’t listen to BC/BC but Rey totally would. This isn’t your older brother’s angsty friend’s punk rock, this is punk reinvented for a modern age of young people, but reminiscent of beloved rock roots and vibes. “Womanarchist” is on my Taking Down the Patriarchy playlist and “Nightmare” is a personal favorite for that “I love you but I’m crazy” S.O.

Basically, imagine a punk-rock all-female band that’s…feminist. Not that punk rock bands are necessarily un-feminist, but feminism is an active, loud, and important part of their music. Punk is all about challenging the system and calling the world out on its bullsh*t, which is what Bad Cop/Bad Cop does. And honestly? If you’re a classic punk and/or rock & roll person who’s tired of the flippin’ patriarchy, I cannot recommend Bad Cop/Bad Cop enough.


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