rainy days.

I decided to take a walk on sort of a dreary morning. Sometimes, when I’ve spent a whole day inside, hunched over my laptop, I like to make myself nice and just get out of the house. It’s like jumpstarting my brain in the way you would jumpstart a car to make it run.

Luckily, I have a playlist perfect for these times. Take a listen as you read.

So I put on a new pair of jeans, splashed on some lipstick, and walked down to the river for a nice, casual stroll.

Lots of grey, isn’t there? But can you see the hints of blue?

I love being near moving water. Not to sound too literal, but there’s something…refreshing…about it. It’s always in motion, always going somewhere. It reminds me that life is an infinite collection of instants, of moments, and each one with worth appreciating.

Another thing I really enjoy is taking pictures. I wish I was a better photographer or model, but the truth is that I simply love capturing the light of beautiful things. Maybe I find it hard to have photos taken of myself because it’s not always easy to see myself as beautiful. But I’m still going to try, because I love fashion, beauty, art, and taking photos, so who is to stop me?!


Armed with my headphones and a timer for my camera, I set off trying to find the balance between a good angle for my phone, and a good angle for myself!

I’m trying to figure out how to position the camera, but I got a good accidental shot out of it!


A pedestrian walked past me right as this photo was being taken, hence the bemused (and slightly embarrassed) expression on my face.


I love this area, and I go running here from time to time. It was also quite lovely because there was almost no one around, so I got the whole space to myself.


Let it be known that I am a huge purveyor of combat boots. Those and motorcycle jackets are the two staples that I always have in my closet!

But then right as I was taking this last photo, the fog rolled in and I got completely soaked by the rain. Some parts of me weren’t so lucky, like my glasses.

But I find it kind of fun sometimes to get caught in the rain, especially during the summer when you have no place to be. I find it very romantic, like part of a Jane Austen story. Well this chapter certainly got me very refreshed!

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Motorcycle jacket found at a thrift store in London (you can get a similar one here)

OKAY sweatshirt from H&M

Jeggings (or Treggings, apparently) from H&M

Beanie from Forever21 (out of stock, but you can get a similar one here)

Combat boots from Dirty Laundry

Headphones from Urbanears

Mascara from Too Faced (yes, it’s the Better Than Sex mascara and I love it)

Lipstick from Kevyn Aucoin


Like what I’m wearing and listening to? Let me know in the comments!





4 thoughts on “rainy days.

  1. Love that you combine your personal style along with the music and fitness! And your photos are amazing. 📷 Thanks for sharing. (BTW I love rainy days.)


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