lonely hearts no more.

After years of being alone on V-day, it feels like I’ve finally saved up enough good karma to snag someone who will shower me with affection on this particular holiday. But if you’re flying solo or spending it with your best buds (Happy Galentine’s day!) there is still plenty of discount chocolate to go around!

So here’s a playlist that’s a stubborn refusal to fall in love this Valentine’s Day. This one goes out to all of you: the dancers, the partiers, the independent individuals dedicating this year to me-time and self-love! And if you want to listen to something sappier, here’s what you’ve been waiting for.



Grap the squad because Galentine’s Day is here! Whether you’re hitting the club or hitting up your local pizza delivery, you don’t need an S.O. to make you happy. The company of your best buds is what counts, and Little Mix is the perfect power-to-the-ladies pop group to serenade you today.

If you’re planning on hitting the club this V-day, “Ready or Not” is the perfect song to get you in the mood to show up and have a great time. Get flashy, get pumped up, because the night is young and you’re about to tear things up!

If you’re neutral to the whole love-or-hate Valentine’s Day debate, maybe you just want to stay in and chill. Pull up Netflix or the latest Vine compilation and settle in for a good night of you-time. Or better yet, grab your treadmill and try to see if you can copy OK Go’s sweet dance moves.


Whether you’re going out or staying in this Valentine’s Day, living it up or keeping it cool, keep this playlist pumping in your ears for good vibes and absolutely no love songs!


What are your plans for V-day? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter!





16 thoughts on “lonely hearts no more.

  1. I think that Valentine’s Day is overrated and nobody should feel bad, sad or depressed because they are single on this day. It should be treated as any other day of the week. Your music selection is great, very happy and empowering songs.


  2. While I’m happily married, I highly doubt we will do anything romantic. We have 4 kids for starters. And he is no romantic. Chances are good that I will clean house and cook dinner for us all. Then help the kids with homework before showers and bed. But I don’t regret it. We have fun together. And that is all that matters. My favorite thing to call Valentine’s Day? Singles Awareness Day!


  3. I enjoyed the videos in the post and think V-day is nice but we don’t think to feel bad if you dont choose to celebrate on that day. Furthermore everything is expensive on the day and it is even hard to get a table in a fancy restaurants. We can celebrate V-day anytime not just on the 14 Feb 🙂


  4. I think that Valentine’s Day is overrated and commercialized. This is the second year being single and it really isn’t phasing me this year. I am however going to hang out with my other single friends so i am sure i will have a great time. BTW i love these songs you have here.


  5. I would love to just stay at home and spend some quality time with the husband and our fur babies. It’s better than trying to squeeze through the people going out to dinner today. Love the song recommendations!


  6. I love the idea of Galentines Day, some wine and giggles with the girls sounds right up my street! Great playlist idea, I really like the Little Mix song


  7. lol, this is hilarious. I spent my valentines at my pole dancing class and I’m married. I mean we just didn’t feel like going out on a day when all restaurants are full.


  8. Valentine’s Day is just another day. Like every day, we get to celebrate The principle of Love. (Only maybe with chocolates today☺️) I truly believe that there’s no one out there that completes another. For me, it’s about self love – everything falls in place thereafter. 💝 Happy V Day to the love that is You!! 😍😘


  9. we spent our Valentine’s in our house. Cleaning our house and cook dinner for my family and waiting for my husband’s gift. LOL!!! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!!


  10. Oh, well I kind of understand, but as in my home country V-Day is not even a thing, I don’t care about that. It’s just a day like any other. We are just bombarded with publicity and ads only to SPEND more. But that kind of misses the whole point because you don’t really need to spend a dime to show your love to someone! So, yes, this holiday puzzles me a bit.


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