sappy romantics’ day.

A certain holiday is this week so you know what that means: DiScOuNt ChOcOlAtE! I’m personally looking forward to it because it’s the first Valentine’s Day in a reeeeally long time that I have someone to give me flowers and shower me with affection!

As a former Perpetually Single person, my advice for the lonely hearts out there is: don’t worry about the actual day. Enjoy yourself and try to stop and smell the roses (and there will be actual roses). So for all the single ladies, gents, and folks out there, I’m making a post just for you, too.

Here are some of my favorite sappy, fuzzy-feeling love songs for slow dancing in your love’s arms or when you want to lay on your bed and simply melt at the thought of someone.

For some reason I always associate my gentleman caller with this song, even though he prefers punk to country. It’s such a sweet, simple, romantic song about opening your eyes and finding your love amidst the darkness. They’re your light.

Isn’t there something about an acoustic guitar ballad that plucks at my heartstrings every time? I love the lines, “don’t disturb this love of mine, look how she’s so serene,” because it makes me think that a person is watching their love sleep and marveling at how they could possibly be so beautiful.

Any Ed Sheeran song is sure to make my heart melt. I love songs that sound like open letters because there is an air of vulnerability about them. You’re listening to someone bear their heart and asking you not to break it.

Pro tip: grab a guitar, learn this song, stand outside of the window of your crush and get ready to serenade. There are no grand, sweeping gestures in this romantic song, just a simple expression of love before you even knew you were in love. This one is for the couples who aren’t quite ready to say “I love you” but still want to say something.

If you’re looking for a song with a soft tinge of sex appeal, this is the one. It’s stripped down and cool, it’s got lyrics that warm you up like a comfy blanket, and it’s like writing “I love you” on a note that you give to someone: simple but cuts right to the heart.

If you like these songs, listen to the whole playlist below and share it with your special someone!


Don’t forget gifts in addition to a mixtape to make someone’s heart melt!

How are you going to show your love this Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!





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