recovery playlists.

My little brother started this tongue-in-cheek (sometimes literally) tradition of sending each other virtual mixtapes whenever the other sibling got seriously sick or injured. It started after I fell while hiking in Costa Rica and needed knee surgery.

Listen to the playlist he sent me:

My personal favorites from the list are “Lean on Me,” “Footloose,” “Bad Day,” and “Bleeding Out.”

But then…Dash had his own knee surgery. And I knew I had to one-up him.

Listen to the playlist the playlist I sent him:

Again my personal favorites are “Everything is in its Right Place,” “Twist and Shout,” “Another One Bites the Dust,” and “You Can Do Better Than Me.” I think I won this round. The queen of puns cannot be stopped.

Of course exactly a year later he was playing Volleyball with some friends, fell, twisted his other knee, and had another knee surgery. I sent him another playlist that was exactly like the first one but in reverse order.

Knock wood, I still haven’t had an occasion that warrants my second recovery playlist, but when Dash got his wisdom teeth out I just couldn’t resist…

Featuring “White Teeth Teens,” “Dentist!” “Toothache,” and, of course, “My Shiny Teeth and Me.”


What are siblings for? For personalized, punny mixtapes to make you feel better, that’s what.


Got any suggestions for my playlists? Hit me up on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr or send me a message!





27 thoughts on “recovery playlists.

  1. Is the you on the cover picture? I think you have a great back – very tone and I love the definition of the muscle. I guess you are into eating clean. I have siblings but all boys and I am jealous that you have such a great relationship with yours.


  2. What a great relationship you have – that you can lean on each other! The play list sounds like to evolved organically, as with all great things! Love the tunes – will keep them in mind! xo Evelyn,


  3. wow!!!!! that was nice having to come up with such great playlist, i admire your relationship with your brother its heart touching, i am sure i could use your story to create such bond with mine.


  4. When I am going through a hard time of some kind I find music is the only thing that really lifts my spirits in that moment. I love your playlist and I think it would be helpful for anyone to boost their mood. I mean who can listen to “footloose” and not start tapping their foot?


  5. See this is one of the reasons why I wish I had a sibling! I had no one to make fun of in this way. Those playlists must have really hit him hard but I do hope you guys are okay from the injuries by now.


  6. I used to make playlists all the time and LOVED it! My family and friends would always ask me to create a playlist for certain things like exercise, road trips, parties, etc… You’ve kind of got me wanting to get back into it with this post 😉
    I love the playlists you shared today for recovering, fun!


  7. Lol, I love it. My brother and I are not that close but this relationship you guys have is so fun! I love how the songs relate to the issue on hand. It will be fun to follow your post if you get married, or have a baby!!!


  8. I love that you and your brother are so close. That’s super rare. Where you always this close? I loved the songs that he chose for you.


  9. This is such an amazing idea and your playlist sounds wonderful. It is such a beautiful relationship between siblings and everything you do to stay connected and up to date with each other’s life is always amazing.


  10. I can’t believe how cute and thoughtful is this idea! I think you do a great thing one for each other with these playlists during the bad moments.


  11. Some great suggestions for playlists here – I love the inclusion of Radiohead and Plain White Tees, they’re two of my favourite bands. I really love Spotify for being able to create tailormade playlists x


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