looking at TOO MANY ZOOZ.

How do you go from playing in the New York City subway to playing with Beyoncé? I have no idea, but Too Many Zooz did it.

Thanks to Tumblr, again, I came across this video of 2/3 members of Too Many Zooz killing it in the Union Square station.

Look how many tips these guys are getting! Seriously, subway musicians never get this much attention.

While the carefree dancing caught my eye, their sound caught my ear. Is it jazz? An instrumental kind of dubstep or EDM with actual instruments? They call it “Brass House” and it really fits. It’s a wonderfully eclectic mix of sounds that encompasses the freedom of playing on the streets of NYC with the calculated technique that comes from marching band/orchestra/concert hall-type instruments. In short, Too Many Zooz stands out by tearing down your perceptions of what music can be. They’re colorful, unexpected, and full of life.

Their official music video for “Bedford” goes back to the subway, taking over the trains at 3am with futuristic neon clothes and a shake-things-up attitude way past my bedtime (I feel a bit bad for the passengers, because if anyone were to do more than talk at a normal volume on a subway car at 3am I would flip).


They’ve also put out some work with rappers–I wouldn’t call it background or “instrumentals” really, but it’s like everyone is contributing to one big piece of art and sharing the results.


Then, of course, you’ve probably heard about Beyoncé and the Dixie Chicks tearing it up at the Country Music Awards with “Daddy Lessons.” You can catch a couple of shots with Too Many Zooz, but really, we’re all enamored with Bey. Still, if you’re not much of a country fan, this would get you into country.


Are you a new fan of Too Many Zooz or have you been listening for a while? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!






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