Spring feels like the rebirth of New Years resolutions, doesn’t it? All of a sudden the sky and the mountains and the earth are awake, and that means you should be, too? Right? It feels that way to me. I should be cleaning my room as if it could somehow sweep away all my stress, homework, fears, and daily to-do lists.

I know I’m going to be thrown for a loop when the weather shifts back to winter, but I’ll take these few warm days in March while I can.

This semester brought on a lot of big things. I finished my senior thesis (which was on Taylor Swift and Kesha’s court cases, talking about sexual assault in the music industry) and rewarded myself with a pair of knee-high boots that I’m in love with.

And I got to enlist some of my musical friends to perform some of my pieces as part of the spring student recital! It’s in a couple of weeks but I’m full of anticipation. I’ve been writing music for years and studying composition at college, so it was so astounding and rewarding to have my peers perform some of the songs that I’ve put my heart and soul into.

On top of all of that, Spring Break is almost here, and I’m about to graduate at the end of this term! Phew, what a whirlwind! I like to say that even if my life isn’t totally together, I want my look to be. Sometimes making yourself look good on the outside makes you feel good on the inside.

I think my everyday class look can be described as: punk killed the preppy kid. I always lean towards really bright, eye-catching colors and then black, because my scene phase never really left.

Keep scrolling to see my Spring Semester look, and thank you to Mary Daley Photography for a swell photo shoot!


blog post 1

Also, I have the most beautiful campus ever. When the weather gets truly Spring-like, I love sitting on this porch and getting distracted by the view doing homework.

blog post 2

blog post 3

I feel very beautiful and full of life when I laugh. I kind of have a lopsided smile that makes me a little insecure sometimes, but I feel the most free when I truly crack up.

blog post 5

Gotta enjoy the spring weather while I can!


Head to toe:

Glasses from Warby Parker

My own necklace with a street-fair pendant and vintage chain

Thrift-store motorcycle jacket

Blouse from Gurjot New York

Jeggings from H&M

Boots from Very Volatile


Happy Spring!

Well…kind of.







5 thoughts on “spring-ish.

  1. Really a big bravo to your photographer, I love your pictures as it looks so professional. Plus your outfit too, those boots and leather jacket I have always wanted to have in my style. Your smile and your dimples make the picture flawless. Glad to learn that you have finish your thesis, a big task I suppose. Keep up the hard work and wish you well.


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