podcasts to start the day.

I’m on a podcast kick and nothing can stop me.

I know, I know, it’s not exactly musical, but hear me out. I love a good greet-the-morning playlist of bubbly songs that wake me up and get me energized enough to face the day, but I’ve found that listening to podcasts–where one or more people are talking at me for an extended period of time–invigorates my senses in a different way. My days are filled with lectures, discussions, and plenty of reading  assignments, so getting my brain to be active early in the day really helps me get ready.

Some cryptid and true crime buddies have introduced me to the podcasts My Favorite Murder and Lore, which you should absolutely listen to…but they’re maybe not the best if you want to start your day on sunny note.

Keep reading for some of the podcasts I listen to while I get ready in the morning!



My Brother, My Brother and Me

“This show isn’t for kids, which I mention only so the babies out there will know how cool they are for listening. What’s up you cool babies?” You might have heard of this show or its hosts, the McElroy brothers, but MBMBaM is worth all the hype and all the laughs you will inevitably have. It’s an advice show–which is putting it loosely–and whether the issue is from a stranger on Yahoo.com or from a listener sending in their question, you will laugh yourself to tears and maybe start taking life a little less seriously.



Stuff Mom Never Told You

Let’s talk about feminism, pop culture, work, music, anything you can think of and things you didn’t think of! Stuff Mom Never Told You is part of the How Stuff Works network, and this podcast is all about exploring a variety of topics relating to the modern woman (or any person, really) in a cool and trendy way. I’ve learned about biking communities, Lisa Simpson, and the history of black women in punk rock from listening. It’s all about learning, informing, and shedding light on topics that pique your interest and increase your understanding of the world.



No Such Thing As a Fish

Oh, No Such Thing As a Fish, how you cater to my love of puns, Britain, and random, eclectic information that I will never use except to impress people at parties. Four folks from the UK sit around a table and share with each other one random fact that they have learned, like “Manta Rays can recognize themselves in a mirror” or “the man who invented email is now a sheep farmer.” then the other people chat about the relating topic–sometimes getting a little off-topic–while sharing information, trading barbs, and generally having a good time.



Hello from the Magic Tavern

I’m new to this podcast, but I am so hooked. The concept is that a guy named Arnie from Chicago has fallen through a portal behind a Burger King into the magical land of Foon, but luckily still has his podcasting equipment and a faint wifi single coming through the portal. With the help of a wizard named Usidor and a talking badger named Chunt, Arnie interviews humans and creatures alike inside the tavern. What makes the show great is that it’s entirely improvised, so anything can happen.


Do you love podcasts as much as I do? Send me your recommendations of other shows you listen to!






26 thoughts on “podcasts to start the day.

  1. I’ll have to listen to these. I actually rarely listen to podcasts, but I wanted to start. I live in Texas so I’m sitting in traffic a lot, so I wanted to find some that I enjoy to help pass the time.


  2. Do you know I have never listened to a podcast, I keep saying I should as I have read so many great things about different ones, perhaps that’s what I’ll do later, start up one of these.


  3. So Funny! I had a friend send me a podcast this morning because they were talking about where I grew up! I wound up in tears! Love love love the idea of having something to listen while I get ready in the morning! I had never listened to one until this morning!


  4. All the recommendations sound really fun!
    I like listening to podcasts or youtube videos while cooking or doing dishes.
    Used to listen to it during gym session but one time I laughed too hard and fell off the treadmill…


  5. I have never really been into podcasts, until recently when I decided to start my blog. I was told that they can help me learn and grow my new business. I’ve found them to be not only quite helpful but also enjoyable. Thank you for sharing your list with us. I’m going to check out Stuff Mom Never Told You, since that one seems more geared towards my interests. 💜


  6. these are all wonderful podcast, I have been listening to Manifestation babes for a couple weeks now and has truly been a great way to start my day and has even inspired me to follow a dream of starting my own podcast. Thank you so much for sharing this list with all of us!>


  7. I really do need to get into podcasts more as I have heard that they are a great way to start the day. I do like the sound of the one on ‘Stuff Mum never told you’ as I am a feminist myself so it sounds like a great program.


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