looking at: FICKLE FRIENDS.

I’ve been meaning to write a profile on Brighton-based indie-pop band Fickle Friends for a long while, I’ve just been a bit overwhelmed with other projects.

So lets get to talking about my newest obsession!

Music by Fickle Friends is like a day that’s on the cusp of spring and summer. It’s constantly dancing the line between splashes of color and monochrome, between pop and electronic and something otherworldly. This band has transcended the typical “indie pop” label and they are living on another plane of existence.




Vocalist and keyboardist Natassja Shiner fronts the group, Chris Hall has the guitar, Jack “Harry” Herrington plays bass and backing vocals, Sam Morris is on the drums, and Jack Wilson plays keyboard, backing vocals, does the samples and programming. And we love them all.

I first heard the single “Hello Hello” last year when I was living in London, but since these indie darlings have taken the UK by storm and are taking on the rest of the world. Their debut album, You Are Someone Else is a collection of well-loved tunes like “Swim” and “Say No More” from their earlier singles and EPs, as well as new and exciting bops like “Hello Hello” and “Brooklyn.”


fickle_friends_press_image-e1507483842803 (1).jpg


Is it possible that I can I choose a favorite music video? Maybe the unapologetic dancing in Brooklyn? Or maybe the endless people getting dragged (physically dragged, not Twitter-dragged) around a swimming pool in Swim? Or possibly all of the auditions with increasingly difficult instructions in Hello Hello?

Nope, there’s no way I could choose a favorite. Go to their YouTube page and watch them all.

It’s very rare that I like every song on an album, especially when some of the songs are so different, but I’ve struck musical gold with this one.




If you like MUNA, Good Great Fine Ok, or Hippo Campus, you’ll be right at home with these folks. If you like pop music, we have a seat saved for you. If you like bands with heart and quirk, join the party. If you like heckin’ good and original music, join me in celebrating with this energetic group of music-makers.


Catch Fickle Friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and on their website for more info, tour dates, and merch! Don’t forget to give them a listen and let me know in the comments what you think!








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