birthday birthday girl.

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-twooooooo.

My birthday is this week and I want a chill 22nd birthday.

The story of my 21st birthday was pretty funny–I was studying abroad in London, so I was turning 21 in a country where the legal drinking age was 18, and I don’t even drink anyways. So, I gathered up a posse of friends to the Dominique Ansel bakery to order cookie shots.

Wow, was 21 a year. Now I’m hoping I can get a little peace and quiet for 22–ugh, I sound old–by spending a quiet day with friends and loved ones before the rest of the year gets wild. I’ve got to get my driver’s license (look, I’m a New Yorker, we can talk about this another time), take the LSATs, work, and apply to law school. This birthday was a time to take a breath before sprinting.

(I’m also just going to drop my Amazon wishlist here)

Even though I had quiet day, I fixed my face, put on a cute outfit, and felt great from the outside and inside because Mary Daley Photography is brilliant and IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!


64 yes

127 yes

115 yes


55 yes

71 yes

44 yes

23 yes

131 yes


98 yes


Let’s have a great year!


Want to know what I’m wearing?

Cami from Gap

Mesh top from H&M

Pants from New York & Company (in black instead of purple)

Custom heels from True Gault

Sunglasses from Unicorn Eyewear (Get 20% off with code UnicornIndie)

Rings from Pandora and custom Amanda Smith

Necklace from Stella & Dot (get a similar one here)







8 thoughts on “birthday birthday girl.

  1. Happy Birthday! You have plenty of time for the party b-days. Enjoy it how you want to at 22. And that outfit is all about style, rock it!


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