tread corporately.

As part of an affiliate program I may receive compensation if you choose to purchase any of these products, but it won’t be of any extra cost to you. Art by Dane Deaner.

I’ve had the privilege of working for many strong businesswomen throughout my life. They have inspired me and empowered me to become the woman I am today. And Something that I’ve learned from these incredible women that especially in the corporate world, fashion is a wild card that people still need to address. Companies like Gurjot New York and True Gault are both founded by executive women who said “what’s currently out there isn’t good enough” and decided to change it.

Gurjot Sidhu of Gurjot New York was frustrated that the quality of the clothes that she and other women were wearing to the office was not great, especially compared to the three-piece suits of her male co-workers. Her line of luxury businesswear has a range of pieces that are ready-to-wear or custom, uses high-quality fabrics, and are chic and corporate at the same time.

Sandra Gault of True Gault loves shoes, but the turning point for her was a pair of Louboutins that literally made her feet bleed after being on her feet all day. Now, True Gault uses an app to scan the dimensions of your feet and lets you customize your shoe while the tech customizes the fit, resulting in custom, comfortable, and fashionable heels.

Now I’m a millennial just out of college, and although I love my Gurjot New York blouse and True Gault shoes, both were gifts and I really can’t afford to be buying luxury clothing on the regular. They’re my Dream Job Brands. So if you’re like me and you’re going into or already in the corporate world, you know that navy suits or grey skirts are the regular. That may be so, but there are absolutely ways to look chic and fashionable in the workplace or at work-related events. Gurjot says that looking your best not only sets yourself apart, but it also leaves a lasting, positive impression on the people you meet.

So grab your suits and channel your inner Alicia Florrick, because we’re about to go shopping for stylish corporate shoes on a millennial budget!

work shoes.001

Do you ever fear that loafers are too masculine a shoe? That you might look frumpy or boring wearing flats? Throw out that mentality! If you want to channel a high-end executive woman, go for minimalism. Search for clean cuts, chic lines and silhouettes, and even a layered jacket to go with your look. Style a pair of loafers with an outfit with a similar color scheme, or a pair of flats that stand out from a monochrome look! You want to look both but effortless. Put out an “I just closed that deal over drinks” vibe.

Get these classic loafers herehereherehereherehere, and here.

work shoes.002

Women who wear sneakers to the office but change into stilettos under their desks are queens. But women who wear heels all day are a force to be reckoned with. Now, I’m still a fan of clean, minimalist office fashion, but especially for networking or business events where you have to make a strong first impression, get a pair of knockout heels. If you’ve got the corporate version of a LBD, go for those red pumps. A grey suit with a white blouse? Change it up with bright yellow. Classic beiges and blacks are a failsafe and will work with almost any outfit, so if you need a pair of shoes to keep under your desk, have a light and a dark pair that will keep you classy and keep you bringing home the bacon.

Get these gorgeous pumps hereherehereherehere, and here.


Don’t tread lightly, tread boldly.




8 thoughts on “tread corporately.

  1. I really liked the design of the black ones. I really liked the yellow stilletoes as well only if they were in black or brown colour.


  2. Beautiful shoes! After wearing heels since a little girl, I have finally embraced flats. It is indeed a shame that most brands care little of women’s comfort, especially those who have to wear it around through out the day. I like the idea of a good comfort bold foot wear 🙂

    XOXO Fiona •


  3. I’ve always thought that even though the Loafers might look like pairs for men, they’re crafted in a way that blends so well with women too. I dare say that some might be able to pull them off with skirts or blouses.


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