living the grad life.

Welcome to the newest college grad! I’m going to do some shameless bragging-slash-celebrating for the next paragraph or two, so you can celebrate with me or roll your eyes and scroll.

This year…oh boy, this year…I thought my senior year was going to be more or less a breeze, and it was certainly not. There were ups and downs, I made and lost friends, I started this blog, ran a 5k race, and learned that I can pull of a pretty good doe-eyed look.

When I started college, I ended my first semester with a 3.2 GP. It wasn’t bad, a nice collection of As and Bs. But this year, I ended my last semester with a 4.0! My mom can tell you how I squealed when I read my report card–it’s the first 4.0 I’ve ever gotten! I’m also adding to that with memberships in Pi Simga Alpha, Phi Sigma Tau, and Omicron Delta Kappa, the national honor societies for political science, philosophy, and leaderships. I recently received an award from my university for philosophy, which is going to my Law School Fund. After graduating cum laude I’ll be working for an investment banking company as as prep to take the LSATs this fall, and hopefully by next year I’ll be enrolled in law school!

Alright, you can come back now, the bragging is over. Now let’s focus on the celebrating. I had my concert buddy and artsy friend Delaney do my pre-graduation photos, and they look fantastic! (You can catch her on Instagram and I highly recommend her Twitter, 10/10) Keep reading for the before and after graduation photos!










Then post-graduation I was very, very sweaty and frantically trying to find my friends and professors that I wanted to snap pictures with. In the end, the frenzy was too much, but the hype was worth it.





Here’s a quick who’s who because I have to recognize these amazing people. First, Delaney, graduation photographer and queen of Twitter. Next are her and Mary, the first Fans (TM) of Indierella. Then is Valen, my choir buddy and recipient/tolerator of many bad musical puns. Lastly comes Rose, who suffered through our senior thesis class with me, got me into Marble Berry Seeds, and provided the photos for the post!

Not to mention all the senior and non-senior friends, professors, parents, brother, and gentleman caller who were there in person or in spirit. I couldn’t have done it without you!


Before graduation looks:

Dress by Elli Tahari (here and here)

Shoes by True Gault


After graduation looks:

Polyester graduation robe, stole, and chords and a very chic Calvin Cline dress underneath



Three cheers for the class of 2018!





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