mother-daughter road trip.

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What’s the glamping equivalent of a road trip called? You know, where instead of staying at shoddy motels you go for a hotel with a pool? That’s pretty much what my mom and I did on our mother-daughter road trip.

The two of us have a lot of things in common, like our extraverted personalities, constant quest to tame our hair, and our love of both road trips and spas.

When I was first going to college, we started out with our version of a cross-country road trip with my dad and brother. Over two weeks, we hit the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, admired the Blue Ridge Mountains, and ate plenty of barbecue before ending up in the South. (then when my mom asked my younger brother what he wanted to see on his off-to-college road trip, he suggested flying instead)

This time around, we decided to do a mini loop over a week after the semester ended, so that I could have some fun and end up back on campus in time for the graduation ceremony.

Our trip led us down to Asheville, North Carolina and back up to Hot Springs, Virginia before ending up somewhere in the middle.

I had some fun introducing her to some of my favorite podcasts, but what we really got into was my ultimate road-trip playlist! It’s a mix of songs everybody knows, songs most people don’t, and eclectic fun. It’s also about four hours long, so you don’t have to keep changing the station.



What are your favorite road trip songs? Leave a message in the comments!



Kat (and Marcia)


15 thoughts on “mother-daughter road trip.

  1. I’m always the worst at creating playlists but my boyfriend has a great Hall & Oates, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles station that we like to listen to on road trips!


  2. How cool! This is the type of stuff I always want to do with my boys. Right now, with them being 2 and 5 years old, our road trip songs have been toddler music like baby Einstein counting songs and Super Simple Songs. haha. My 5 year definitely loves punk rock though so I have a little playlist on Spotify for him to head thrash to. Blink 182 is his fav.


  3. Oh my goodness, I hope you absolutely loved Asheville! My go to playlist for road trips is a mix of old pop punk songs and we always gotta switch it up with an interesting podcast.


  4. I am copying that playlist! I usually only play oldies and I can’t seem to get out of that era. I’ve always heard good things from Hot Springs!


  5. Ahh I love that you got to spend time together, family is so important! I love the song choices. I don’t know why I like really calm and reflective songs when I am travelling!


  6. Okay that is the cutest thing ever! A road trip with your mama?? You just got me excited about doing this with my daughter one day soon. I am all about your song list. Mine would probably be like yours, but if it’s up to my daughter, there would be more Michael Jackson and Prince hits. Ha!


  7. A long playlist is definitely the way to go! I really love driving to Mumford and Sons or Dave Matthews Band. The latter reminds me of the hours I spent driving back and forth between home and college.


  8. Going on a road trip with my mom would be awesome. Since we live in different states, we tend to just meet up in one location. My playlist includes any old school hip hop and west indian music, like reggae or soca.


  9. It sounds like you had such an awesome road trip with your mother. I like the sound of a glamping style road trip and you picked some great tunes to listen to.


  10. This is so beautiful, love that you planned this amazing road trip. I love my time with my mother and with my daughter, it would be a great idea to plan something like this. The playlist sounds wonderful.


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