trying out: NEW STAND.

This post is not sponsored by New Stand, I’m just a fan. However, if you make a purchase using some of the links below, I may receive compensation.

Let me start with a story. Up until a couple of years ago there was an underground walkway leading to the nearest train station from my apartment in New York, and I won’t lie, it was kind of creepy. The walk seemed endless from the platform to a set of stairs leading above ground, passing nothing but empty space, florescent lights, and a strange collection of floor-to-ceiling windowpanes with no apparent doors. I hardly ever used that walkway.

Then someone somewhere decided to transform it into a bright, underground marketplace. All of a sudden there was a Starbucks (a mark of civilization in today’s world?), clothing stores, accessories, tiny hipster foods, and even an iphone repair shop. The market was now called Turnstyles.

One shop in this collection is called New Stand, and you can find a bunch of these little bodegas-with-a-twist all over the city. Now New Stand has plenty of interesting products like electronics, party favors, snacks, and everyday items, but one of my favorite parts of the store is their app.

Let me tell you, it’s so easy to use. You sign up, and with each article you read with the app (and Newstand releases a bunch of them each day), you earn a point, and once you reach 300 of these points, you get a $10 credit to spend in store! You also earn points with each dollar you spend in-store, referring friends, and adding credit to your account. This past spring when I was away from NYC at school, I was on the app a lot, reading articles and grabbing points, so after I got back, I had about $50 to spend! The only drawback is that they don’t have an online store, so you have to make a trip to New York!

The two most favorite things I’ve gotten at New Stand are HUM daily vitamins–specifically for stress management–and Hellas bluetooth wireless headphones. This time, I got a good haul of goodies. Let’s see what I got!


Oh K! Hydrogel Pearl Mask

Some people are obsessed with bath bombs–one day I’ll write about the funny and gross stories I keep having with baths–but I’m strictly in the face mask fan club. Now I’m officially a Pearl Girl! This face mask comes in two jelly parts, enriched with soothing, hydrating goodness to cover your face. After removing the mask, my skin felt smooth and enriched, which is just the treat I need from time to time!


Binchotan Activated Charcoal Eye Mask

I’m also a big fan of eye masks. A few years ago I tried one, and it really does help me sleep better. It just shuts out the light and makes for a much deeper sleep. This time I went for a mask infused with activated charcoal. Now, I’m not exactly sure how the charcoal is supposed to work in this case, but it makes for a very relaxing and deep sleep! Here’s a photo of me enjoying my sleep mask, but not quite enjoying the waking up part:



Keyboard Cover

(I got this as a Christmas gift, so it’s not technically part of this particular haul) At first typing with a keyboard cover was a bit difficult, just in that I had to press harder on the keys, but once I adjusted I really love my new keyboard cover. I also get tons of complements on it–who doesn’t love a bright and colorful piece of tech? Plus it’s an excellent prevention tool against spilled coffee or other choice beverage on your keyboard.

If you’re in NYC, give New Stand a visit in-store or on the app! They’re also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.




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