looking at PRONOUN.

I first got to see indie-pop singer-songwriter pronoun live a couple of years ago, and I had the time of my life. The opening bands were fantastic, but in a small little venue in Brooklyn, she stole the show and our hearts. Her EP There’s No One New Around You is well-made, cohesive, and every song will get stuck in your head.

But being a fan of an emerging band or artist is like reading a book series that is still being written–waiting for the next volume is agonizing.

So when I found out that pronoun just happened to drop two new singles, I had this reaction:

ANYWAY the new singles “wrong” and “run” are so uniquely her while being new and exciting. It’s also interesting to compare the new singles to her first EP. pronoun’s initial collection of songs were like shared secrets told to you in the corner of a room while a loud party is going on. Now she’s ready to fill up the room with life and sound, and command the attention of everyone at the party.

I’m wholeheartedly recommending all of pronoun’s songs, and if you can, definitely go see her in concert.


Keep listening and follow pronoun on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




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