all dressed up with nowhere to go.

This post was sponsored by Legacy Co., and as always, all opinions are my own.

Did you go to prom? I loved mine.

I went to a few church-hosted proms when I was an upperclassman, plus my senior prom and an “ugly prom” at college (for some reason, my friends at the time ended up borrowing my clothes for the event–not sure why my vintage Martin Margiella, Donna Karen, or Michael Kors qualified as “ugly” but I digress). I never enjoyed the actual event as much as I did the getting ready for it all. I loved having my mom curl my hair, doing my makeup all special, and playing the right kind of music to get myself excited to dance.

From this you can probably assume that the Met Gala would be a dream come true. Imagine getting dressed up for that party! I can only dream…

So when I received a luxurious pair of magnetic false eyelashes from Legacy Co., I didn’t have to ask myself where I might where them before I knew the answer: anywhere and everywhere. Yet, while I don’t have any fancy parties or galas to go to (the night is still young) who says I can’t dress up for the fun of it?

Tonight I’m all dressed up…but I don’t have a place to go. Tonight if I look like a work of art, I’ll fit in with my at-home gallery.








Now I’ve tried my hand at false eyelashes before, but like liquid liner, it’s so hard to get them even, and when you add sticky glue I turn into a hot mess. But with these magnetic lashes, there’s no mess and twice as much volume. You hold one false eyelash part under your real eyelash and the other on top, and they just click together! And plus there is no worrying about them coming off.

Next time I’ll go out and take New York looking like a million bucks, but this time I’ve got some solo Netflix-and-chilling to do.


Dress by EverPretty

Shoes by Christian Louboutin

Lashes by Legacy Co.

Bracelet by Civion

Necklace is vintage (thanks, Mom for letting me borrow it!)





19 thoughts on “all dressed up with nowhere to go.

  1. I haven’t worn false eyelashes before but my sister wears them all the time. I’m pretty satisfied with the job that mascara does. 🙂 You look amazing though! It’s too bad there was no place to go but we all got to see how fabulous you look.


  2. I have never worn false eyelashes but my sister wears them all the time. I think mascara works pretty well. You may not have had some place to go but we all got to see how fabulous you look. 😉


  3. I seriously want some of those lashes. I’ve never ever managed to stick the other ones on and always end up looking like I ran into a bus 😀 You look gorgeous


  4. I’ve never tried false eyelashes but mine are super thick and really long. My sister swears by them though… omg I absolutely love your gorgeous dress!!!!


  5. I love that shade of green on you, it really looks great. I love the idea of just dressing up even if you have nowhere to go, sounds like fun to me!


  6. I totally get you, I love getting ready for proms and I love all the rituals around it! From picking up the dress, doing your hair, makeup and nails!

    You look gorgeous in this dress, like they made it just for yoU!


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