interviewing SIGNY.

Bubblegum pop has grown up. The latest is duo SIGNY, and they are bright, funky, fun, slightly irreverent in the way two modern young women can be, out for a good time, and more than happy to rock the boat to get their message across. SIGNY is brand-new on the electropop scene, and they’re also tearing up the fashion game! Keep reading for their great story and–because I can’t help myself–some of Amy and Delaney’s fashion finds!

How did you two meet and start making music together?

We met on MySpace. Yep. Thanks, Tom! Amy asked Delaney if she could take her out to lunch because she’d been reading business books about making connections, and was impressed with Delaney’s music. Miraculously, Delaney responded and we became fast friends! We started to get booked on the same bills in California because we both played the piano and had a similar musical vibe. We crisscrossed the country after each other for years until kismet brought us both to Austin where we started playing shows together and orbiting one another, just like we had in the past. One night, after a particularly challenging gig, we chatted about starting a band. It was a flippant discussion; we’d had a similar idea back in California when we started a Queen cover band-King. We weren’t aware that we were foreshadowing our future first single off our debut album! Once we sang together, we knew we had something magical and SIGNY was born!


What bands and artists are you inspired by?

Sia, Lana Del Rey, and Lady Gaga. We love artists that push their own limits.


I love how you say you want to “flip the script” on gender with your latest single, “Kings.” Are you looking to push other boundaries using music?

Absolutely. Gender is a huge issue, and it’s delicate because we have been living in a paradigm that defines itself in binaries. We would say that what we are ultimately looking to flip the script on is the binary. Binary thinking is divisive. When we subscribe to the belief that we are separate beings, it becomes easier to create chaos. We begin to condemn and damn people who are unlike us.

We see humans as cells in the body of the earth. You may be a lung cell, and we might be a heart cell, but we’re all working together to keep our body alive. Even if we colonize Mars, we’ll still need to recreate an earth-like environment to survive there. So we believe we might as well celebrate our interconnectedness! We write from this perspective.


You both have great fashion sense, so what are your favorite items in your closet right now?

We’re huge fans of ModCloth We’ve partnered with their shop in Austin and want to buy up the store! We also adore Goodbye Folk from CDMX.

Here are a few of our favs:

Delaney: one, two, three

Amy: one, two, three


What can you say about your upcoming album?

Our upcoming album, WATER, is an homage to that force. Water is life, and this album is a celebration of life in every way. Sometimes WATER is a bubbling brook and sometimes it’s a tsunami, but it’s always a flow of elastic beats, lush harmonies, and vulnerable lyrics.


If you could play a show anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Tokyo! We’re obsessed with it. We might not come back though…

Keep an eye out for WATER and keep in touch with SIGNY on Facebook and Instagram!




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