America, exotica.

Do you wanna feel a little beautiful, baby?

Leading up to the fourth of July (and, frankly, amidst all of this country’s political flailings) I kept thinking of Fall Out Boy. “Young Volcanoes” from their hiatus-breaking Save Rock ‘n” Roll kept getting stuck in my head, and of course the American Beauty/American Psycho album–did you know how the deluxe version of that album was called Make America Psycho Again? I loved that touch.

So with the “Americana, exotica” line stuck in my head, I was thinking about that kind of classic, American, big-eyes-smooth-skin, no-makeup-makeup kind of look. Now I’m no beauty guru, but I love my Too-Faced mascara, my NYX eyeliner, Tarte lipstick, and I’m adding my new glam staple: magnetic false eyelashes from Legacy Co.


This is like a stripped-down, all-American girl glow. I’m sending out major girl-next-door vibes.



Also: DEM LASHES. No glue involved this time!


I’m doe-eyeing as hard as I can!


Also my hair never looks this blonde? I’m usually a reddish-brownish-blondish mutt.


Also my eyeliner looks even for once! I have been blessed today by the makeup nymph.


And thank goodness for highlighter! You can tell I’m just living for this lighting.


(Gentleman Caller personally liked this one, so I’m including it)

We are wild

We are like Young Volcanoes…




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