indierella’s halfaversary.

For today’s purposes, I am a hollaback girl.

Indierella has been alive for a full six months, that’s a big milestone! So to celebrate, I’m talking about some of my favorite moments from the last six months AND giving you my epic throwback playlist!


Listen to the playlist here:



Aww, my very first post! I’m so so glad I started this blog. I’ve met so many wonderful fellow bloggers, learned so much, and gotten to know some amazing musicians! Everyone loves a first, but it takes a lot of strength to keep going.



Another first–my first interview for Indierella! I remember talking to her when I was just thinking about starting this blog, and I knew that she was one of the people I needed to feature. At first I wanted Indierella to be a music blog highlighting female artists, but later I knew I wanted to talk about so much more.



My first official collaboration as a blogger! I spent a good week walking around my campus, trying to figure out where I could best show off Sari Food’s wheatgrass powder. I was also knew to having people take photos of me, even friends, so I was so nervous for this shoot!



Ha! This was a fun one and a fun day. Although, admittedly, I haven’t run a race since. I almost bought my own unicorn face mask to match, but I chickened out at the last minute. It’s hard to run in those things!



This was a great milestone for me, because I got to work with an amazing photographer, really for the first time. We ran all around our beautiful campus, and she took at least a hundred photos! I had such an amazing time, and I can’t wait to work with more photographers in the future.



And lastly, my first live concert review! I love going to concerts, but it just took me a while to one for Indierella. I loved this venue and I’m so excited to write about more live music!


We’ve done so much together, so thank you for reading, listening, liking, commenting, sharing, and for being with me for the long haul!





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