looking at: MARY KEEY.

I’m more than a little bit jealous of Mary Keey, who has been spending her summer filming her latest music video on a beautiful coastal beach in Italy. The video for “A Song For You” will be released tomorrow, and you’ll want to book your next vacation or risk feeling serious FOMO.

The Swiss musician creates the kind of feel-good pop music brings out the best in people. Keey is recognized by her distinctive voice and effervescent energy, both of which endear her to fans across the globe.



Keey grew up in Olten, Switzerland and always had a passion for music, often singing songs she wrote at school and at home. Fun fact: she not only plays the guitar but also the saxophone!

Now check out her discography: after releasing her first single in 2009, she headlined her first European tour two years later, then a tour in the US the following year! Phew, talk about hitting the ground running! From there she continued to collaborate with other artists, release her studio albums and build her own recording studio.



Now, Mary Keey is on fire with her new singles and music videos, like “Broken Record,” “Love in My Head” and the upcoming “A Song for You.” You’ll fall in love with her sights and sounds, so keep watch for her new EP and tour this fall!


Keep track of Mary Keey on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!




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