looking at: KRISTIN REBECCA.

First I have to tell you all a quick story before I get into today’s featured artist: in high school I discovered the CD section of the New York Performing Arts Library. I picked up any CD that looked interesting and listened to every single one. It was a ritual of sorts, and this way  I stumbled onto a lot of far-reaching genres that way, including Celtic folk music. That particular genre is one that’s very dear to me, which is why it was such fun to listen to Kristin Rebecca’s folk pop albums.


Originally from Maryland, multi-talented singer-songwriter Kristin Rebecca started playing guitar at twelve years old, then taking voice lessons and harp as well. She continued to study music in college and taking up an affinity for Celtic folk music before settling into her folk-pop niche.

What makes her Tales, Trials, Truths album so unique is because it recalls a period of classical music that few musicians touch on–think of pre-renaissance Tudor music–and then brings it into a modern folk age. It’s as if Kristin Rebecca is a bard, and each song is a sonnet for the modern age. Individually and collectively, her music tells many stories that reach towards the audience.

In addition to her contemporary folk-pop records, her older harp and guitar work is a different kind of special. It’s atmospheric, soothing, and enlightening. Classical music isn’t just the Vivaldis or Tchaikovskys of the world, it can be as grande as the Baroque era or as timeless as folk music, which is exactly the narrative that Kristin Rebecca is portraying: timeless storytelling.


You can find Kristin Rebecca on her website and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




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