orchid delights.

This post was sponsored by CSI Gypsum 3D with a gift from Silk Plants Direct. As always, all opinions are my own.

There is always art in my house. Also, there has always been art in my house. I’ve talked about how I’ve grown up around it before, and my parent’s personal art collection–collected over the years with gifts from artistic fiends, scouring auction sites, and hunted with a love of interesting, beautiful things–has been an influence in my artistic eye for most of my life. But sometimes I don’t quite know where to fit in my artsy 650-square-foot apartment (other than taking photos in a fancy dress on the sofa).

I can’t wait for the day when I get to furnish my own apartment. I’ve prepared my Pinterest boards, and I’m so excited to hunt down Goodwill and used-good shops for when I know I’ll have to do it on the budget. I’ll have my own quirky furniture, framed posters and pop-art, and plenty of flowers to garnish and brighten the space.

The latest addition to the apartment is this beautiful silk orchid! They’re also my dad’s favorite flower, and now we get to have them all year long! Maintenance is so easy, they don’t require water or food, just some dusting to keep the silk petals looking fresh and bright. Now don’t they look lovely?





Up close I think it look even better! It fits in during summer and during the fall and winter, a white orchid will enhance the atmosphere and engage the eye when the temperatures drop.


Thanks to CSI Gypsum 3D and Silk Plants Direct for this beautiful gift! CSI Gypsum makes these incredible 3-dimensional wall panels. Instead of paint, you add these to your space and all of a sudden, the room is transformed!


Seriously, these are stunning, and they look so effortlessly beautiful. You can choose different patterns and textures for your walls as well.


I can’t get enough. I especially love the exposed brick panel! There’s something about the aesthetic that’s both rustic and urban, and it really appeals to me.


Visit CSI Gypsum 3D for more beautiful wall panels, and tell me what you think of the orchids below!




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