looking at: JAMES MYHILL.

Is “groovy” still a cool descriptor? If not can we bring it back? Because it’s one of the first words that come to mind when listening to composer/producer James Myhill. His melodic sampling coupled with smooth rhythms and haunting harmonies create layered tracks that build towards a larger epiphany of sound.

Myhill’s rock influences are easy to spot, thanks to his use of deep bluesy basses and catchy guitar riffs. Yet while rock might be a foundational part of his image, he’s not afraid to mix in instrumental strings or electronic waves to make a grungy sound more alien and avant garde. Myhill’s latest album, Crooked Electric Cottage, enlists the help of an array of instruments and musicians to paint rock, classical, funk, hip hop, and soul into one musical collage.




It wasn’t just the conglomeration of sampling different musical styles that gave rise to this latest album, but it was also the desire to connect so many fleeting emotions into one understanding. Myhill notes of his recording studio that being surrounded by chords and cables of music equipment influenced his ideas of songwriting, as well as how to connect emotions, sounds, and songs into one cohesive album of understanding.

What do you think of James Myhill’s new album and his Alternative Electronic sound? If you like him, check out his website and show some love on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!




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