looking at: ROHAN GOYAL.

I’m going to risk sounding so out-of-touch but honestly, why is it now called EDM and not dubstep? I had a really big Skrillex phase when I was coming off of my first big punk-to-metal wave, but I still favor the concert scene to the club scene and its music.

Still, I’m always intrigued by nontraditional sounds and ways that someone can take music and bring it to new levels. That’s why today the light is shining on Rohan Goyal, an electronic music producer from New Delhi, India.


Goyal was a drummer for five years, but gradually he developed a taste for electronic and dance music. He eventually taught himself how to produce music, and he as a handful of great singles on Spotify.

His latest single, “Callisto,” shows that Goyal has a great sense of sound and melody, but that he prefers to hold back and give the listener a prolonged experience rather than a short high. Another song, “Stay Right There” utilizes more melody and vocals that shows that he knows his way around a keyboard.

We’ve just got a taste of what Rohan Goyal can do, and I’ll definitely be keeping my ears out for more.





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