looking at: ORKA ODYSSEY.

If I could make a musical mood board with the title “Sci-Fi and Synth,” Orka Odyssey would be at the very center. The Denver-based group is a progressive synth-pop band (and if you don’t know about progressive (prog) rock, I suggest you dive in immediately) that wants to take you an an immersive musical experience. Influenced by the Beach Boys and the Beatles, this swell group of “human vessels” (their words) wants to bring back positivity in music–just with a little more psychedelics.



Orka Odyssey has recently returned to the US after their first Japanese tour, and they’re hitting the ground running. Their third full-length album will be released this month and the band is also dropping not one but two new music videos. With electrifying stage presence and cool-but-enthusiastic energy, you’ll be captivated by Orka Odyssey.



If you want to learn more about Orka Odyssey (and I highly suggest you do, they’re exactly the kind of people you’d want to chill with on a Saturday night), hit up their website, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates on some bangin’ new music!




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