looking at: SUSPENSE.

Suspense wants it all. This indie rapper knows the game and not only does he want to make a career for himself, but he wants to start his own label from scratch and ultimately build a platform for artists to have legitimate opportunities for growth. And I have to say, this songwriter/rapper/entrepreneur is killing it. Just take a listen to his tracks on Spotify:



Suspense first heard Eminem at eleven years old, and was inspired to start rapping. Over the next several years he kept learning and honing his craft, and since Suspense has been in freestyle battles, entered contests, and self-produced two albums, both of which dropped this year.

Now Suspense is working on building his future record empire and gathering new artists. So if you’re looking to be a part of something great, I highly suggest reaching out to him. Not only is Suspense a man with a vision, but he has great beats, a skill for freestyle, and an energy you can’t ignore.


Go check out Suspense on Spotify and Instagram, and keep watching for his next big project!






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