vintage vibes.

This post is sponsored by Spicy Raspberry Designs, but as always, all opinions are my own.

I think it’s been a while since I did a style post, but the bright, beautiful designs from Spicy Raspberry brought it out of me. Whenever I wear jewelry, I much rather prefer to design a look around the pieces, instead of vice versa. I also love pieces that are sweet and not over-the-top, because they shine in their own right. Even before I put this look together I would always get compliments when I wore these pieces of jewelry!

Right away, I knew that I wanted to pair the modern but fun necklace and bracelets with a more classic look. I envisioned being an American sipping a hot drink in a Parisian cafe, before taking a stroll around the beautiful gardens. My friend Emma was the photographer today, who helped capture the simple, organic, effortless beauty of Spicy Raspberry and the joy of a summer day–French or otherwise.







7CD75019-3E81-444E-95DE-E07BFA0CE1CD 2




Get yourself something sweet or spicy at Spicy Raspberry Design’s shop, and visit their Facebook and Instagram as well!




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