looking at: PHOENIX LORD.

I’m so in the mood for some dance music. I love the feeling of letting your hair fly around your face, feeling free and weightless, and losing yourself as you move to the beat of a song.

23-year-old DJ and Producer Phoenix Lord embraces that freedom in his music and in his symbolism of the phoenix itself. His influences come from far and wide, from middle eastern sounds to the metal music he played when he was younger to African tribal instruments.

Phoenix Lord recently released his first album The Mass of Phoenix, featuring the single “A Deeper Love” with UK’s Carol Jiani, and it showcases his ability to cultivate a variety of different genres and connect different aspects together to weave a new sound experience. You can hear that Phoenix Lord has a mission to spread his music, and he wants to rise to the top.

This fall, listen for Phoenix Lord’s new single “I Believe” featuring American artist Robin S, who’s single “Show Me Love” hit the charts in the early 1990s. In the meantime, catch this up-and-coming DJ on iTunes, Spotify, and his website.

You can also follow Phoenix Lord on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!




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