looking at: YALMAR.

Yalmar is the musical lovechild of David Andersson and Emanuel Lundgren, both from Stockholm. Their first single, “DYWS” was released this past July, and already this indie-electronic duo has almost 1,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.





Bringing together their musical knowledge of bass guitar, trombone, singing, and music production, Andersson and Lundgren crafted a fun and intriguing song for both indie music fans as well as die-hard EDM listeners. If you liked the sounds of Rohan Goyal or the out-of-this-world vocals from Orka Odyssey, then you will also love Yalmar.

Yalmar was born like every great musical project: with a friend and a story. Andersson and Lundgren were on their way to an amusement park in Stockholm to see Marilyn Manson live (who doesn’t appear to have a musical influence on this single, but hey, prove me wrong). Even though the concert was sold out, the two ended up taking a leisurely walk, discussing life, music, and anything else that came up. The two decided to work in the studio together, and soon Yalmar was born.

While Yalmar doesn’t have too muchan online presence yet, you can follow them on Instagram for their upcoming EP The Breakup that will be released on Spotify later this album. You can also check out Simon Ekstrand Appel, the artist who created the cover of Yalmar’s debut single!


Tell me in the comments how you liked this new song!




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