looking at: THE REWIND.

I think a good rule of thumb for indie musicians–and creatives who are working to build a following–is not to take yourself more seriously than your work. That is, whatever product you put out is the priority, but as the creator or brand, your authenticity and essence is what solidifies the connections between you/your music and your audience.

Your music has to grab someone’s attention, but to keep that attention, you have to keep them there not just with your music, but with your own self as well.

That’s why I was so impressed with The Rewind, a rock group from Nebraska. Not only do they have a great contemporary rock sound, but right off the bat they were able to say “here we are, here’s what we do, and this is how we want to make connections with people.” I’ll stop going on about the importance of marketing strategy with music, but I have to say that The Rewind is doing all the right things.

Right now the foursome, who formed in 2012, has their fingers in several pies. They’re writing music for their second album, preparing to tour throughout the fall of this year, building their online presence through Twitter and Spotify, and putting out music videos for hits like “Mystery Girl.”



And truly, they’re hitting all the right notes with their debut album, Casting Shadows, that hails from the influences of Black Oak Arkansas and Saving Abel, two acts that The Rewind has been able to tour with at fairs and festivals around the country. If you want more, you can check out their website for tour information and even book them for events!



And of course, say hi to this cool group of music makers on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!




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