CoverWorld is the YouTube Channel Every Musician Needs to Watch

This post is sponsored by CoverWorld, but as always, all opinions are my own.

Whether you are a beginning musician learning to play your favorite songs on guitar, a fan who wants to be inspired by amazing covers, or a self-starter who wants to kick off their career by learning more about the industry, CoverWorld has everything you would want.

This channel began posting videos earlier this year and collectively has a few thousand views so far, but the quality and cohesion of their content will grab you more than the numbers will.

The biggest thing that I love about CoverWorld is that they make it so, wonderfully easy and straightforward to understand. The graphics combined with audio instruction are perfectly synthesized so that you don’t have to make any guesswork, and that goes for both their guitar instruction videos–which are a godsend for my back-and-forth flailing between videos, chord pages, tab, and sitting down with an instruction–and their informative videos about the music industry.

I’ll take you through some of my favorite videos so you can get a sense of what CoverWorld is all about!


Let me tell you about CoverWorld’s guitar lesson of Hallelujah. There’s a staple intro-outro (and they tell you where to skip to so you can dive right into the music), and the song alternates with the strummed or picked chords that accompany the melody of the song. But what I truly love about these tutorials is that they incorporate the visuals of how you are supposed to be playing your guitar, the chord names down below, the tempo that you play each note, and a couple of pointers throughout the video.


Next CoverWorld has these crash-course videos about the music industry, which are especially fantastic for creatives who want to get started with their careers but don’t know how to navigate the business aspect of it. If you needed a Khan Academy series for music, this one’s for you, and if you’re serious about music, I suggest that you take notes.


What I find really interesting about this collection of covers is that they’re not the Top 40 hit, pre-recorded high-definition music videos that popular coverists on YouTube might publish. A lot of these pieces are live recorded, and you can clearly tell that everyone is extremely talented. In a way I love the less-than-polished video quality (compared to a full-produced music video) because it’s simply about the sound and having a good time. On the other hand, I would love to have a series of collaborative produced videos, akin to STA Travel Sounds. Still, the talent in these covers stands apart from the crowd.


My overall thoughts are that CoverWorld is a fantastic resource for musicians, beginners, and enthusiasts all willing to learn and grow in experience. They have fantastic content and seem to have a great handle on connecting with their audience. However, I want to see so much more. They’re a new platform off to a great start, and I want to see them grow, do some kickstarter campaigns to do more collaborative projects, and really get big, because this is a platform I would put my faith into.


At the end of the day, I can’t recommend CoverWorld more, and I have to shout out other creatives and collaborators here: you’ll want to work together, because this is a fantastic project that should be grown as much as possible.

So with that, check out CoverWorld on YouTube and Facebook, and keep sharing the talent!




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