Milk Bath Self-Portrait Photo Shoot

Milk bath photography is hard…and it’s even harder when you have to be your own photographer.

I saw the trend of milk bath photography–where you add milk, flowers, color, etc. to bathwater–and I knew I wanted to try it! I’ve been having a lot of fun behind behind the lens, but it doesn’t come as easy when I’m in front of it. Sometimes it takes finding the right angle for me to really open up and feel comfortable to have my photo taken.

But what is life without the pushing of boundaries? I certainly pushed my own. In fact, I haven’t worn a swimsuit in a long time, and I haven’t been to the beach in several years. I bought this cute monokini from H&M almost a lifetime ago, and for some reason I’ve never had the confidence or the opportunity to wear it out of the house.

I was even going to pull up a photo from when I was thirteen–the last time someone snapped a pic of me in a swimsuit–but I couldn’t even find it.

The truth is that sometimes I feel uncomfortable with my body. It’s nothing new, it’s nothing common, but I still feel it. But fashion, fitness, style and photography–many of the things about this blog–have allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and feel more comfortable. This swimsuit that has never seen the light of day has finally found new life in this photo series.

I hope you like it, since it was fun but really hard to shoot and pose at the same time. Add some too-hot bathwater and flower petals that would never stay where you want them to. Still, I put together some of my favorite (and a little sloppy) photos that are about finding confidence and beauty despite the nitty gritty of self-consciousness.



Beauty is found anywhere. You make your own beauty, and it starts within yourself.




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