Guest Post: The Aces Are an Indie-Alternative Dream Come True

“Fangirl, but rein it in,” were Kat’s exact words when we discussed the possibility of me writing a guest piece on The Aces for Indierella.

As a lover of indie and alternative music and female-produced music, The Aces are my own personal dream come true. I started listening to them around the time they were touring with Coin and were about to release their debut album, When My Heart Felt Volcanic. When I initially looked them up, they had an EP out, I Don’t Like Being Honest, and a few singles. However, as soon as the album dropped, I didn’t listen to much else for a solid month.

The group has been together since elementary school and hasconsisted of essentially of the same members throughout. Katie Henderson(guitar), McKenna Petty (bass), and sisters Alisa (drums) and Cristal Remirez(lead vocals, guitar) bring relatable honesty to the music they write andenergy to every performance. The girls are in their early 20s, some in college,some gay, some gluten-free, some very political, and all unique fashion icons.Their music reflects who they are as young women today and makes it so easy toconnect to their songs while also being straight up bops.

I was finally ableto see them when they opened for 5 Seconds of Summer (Youngblood’s own gush-post, TBD) over the summer. I was sittingabout as far away as I possibly could from the stage (whaddup, lawn seats!) butstill had THE best time. Katie slayed the guitar and vocals, Kenna rocked thebass, Alisa killed the beat, and Cristal kept the whole crowd’s energy up sohigh in her very Harry Styles-esque suit and attitude.

After the show, like they did for most all dates of thetour, they met fans, took pics, and signed (free!) posters. They were entirelytoo kind to my awkward, sweaty self and complimented my shirt and talked to myfriend and I for a few minutes! I obviously had to thank them not only for theincredible show, but also for their music helping me get through my finalstretch of my senior year of college. My friend had never even heard of TheAces – apart from me forcing her to get to the venue an hour early to be surewe wouldn’t miss them opening the show – but she carried on a full conversationwith Cristal and Katie during our mini M&G and loved the show and beingable to meet the band afterwards.

The point of this post is mainly justto say that I adore The Aces and everyone else should, too. Their music isincredible, they are sweet as can be, and their Instagrams and Twitters arepoppin.’  

The girls are finishing up their first ever headline tour inEurope now and are hitting the States in the spring. Check out their websitefor links to their socials, tour dates, music, and some of the best band merchI’ve ever seen.

Thanks for letting me rave about my #1 girl band crush and I hope you all love The Aces at least half as much as I do!

Thanks so much to the wonderful Delaney for her post! You can also find The Aces on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Delaney Witten is a recent college grad with a shiny new degree in communication studies who loves going to concerts and crying over One Direction’s never ending hiatus. Find her on Twitter @duhhIaney or Insta @delaneywitten


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