Finding New York City’s Best Doughnuts

This post is going to be reminiscent of the time I co-ran a food and travel blog. So much for the health and fitness angle! Well…in my defense I ended up walking off some of the calories.

I joined my dad and younger brother on a doughnut crawl one afternoon. We met up one afternoon with one thing on our minds: finding New York’s best doughnuts…or donuts.

Turns out a lot of them are in Brooklyn, along with the bagels, but for this search we limited ourselves to Manhattan. Our first stop was a place in Korea Town called Grace Street, where we sought out the Ho-Dduk, their Korean doughnut.

We all agreed that the Ho-Dduks were really really good. It was doughy and chewy but in a pleasant way, and the perfectly gooey center reminded us of a cinnamon roll, or apple pie without the apples. They also come with a side of vanilla ice cream, which complements them excellently.

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Next we headed out of Korea Town to Grand Central for Doughnut Plant, which had my personal favorite of the day: the raspberry doughnut. Light and airy (I’m not a fan of the thick, cakey doughnut) and a really great flavor. We also had the rose doughnut that was just on the cusp between a delicious flavor and a fragrant (soapy) sent.


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The next stop was west of Union Square, at Dough. Dough gets extra credit because their displays made for some of my favorite pictures, and they had a great atmosphere. The hibiscus doughnut was another family favorite, and I’m sure the nutella one would have been mine as well! The sour cream cake doughnut was more thick and cakey, so not to my personal taste, but still excellently made.

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The Donut Pub has been around since the 1960s, so they have a tried-and-true doughnut recipe that predates the doughnut craze over the past few years. We went for a coconut custard doughnut (slightly underwhelming, after hibiscus and rose-flavored doughnuts) and a bacon-maple doughnut. Actually…I still haven’t tried the bacon-maple one. I love bacon, and I love doughnuts, but…I just can’t imagine enjoying them together. Sorry!


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So at the end of the crawl, here’s what we found:

Top three: Raspberry/Hibiscus tied for first place, Ho-Dduk was second, and Rose was third. I would give the Cronut and Krispy Kreme honorable mentions if I could!


What kind of doughnut is your favorite? Which kind would you like to try?




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