Rapper & Entrepreneur Suspense has Killer Style

Earlier this year I profiled Travis Barclay aka Suspense, a Philadelphia-based rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur on Indierella. Then a couple of weeks ago, on his trip to New York, we were able to meet in person, and let me tell you: Suspense is so genuine and has a great personality. When we were organizing the details of this shoot, he neglected to tell me that also has previous modeling experience, and it absolutely shows.

Keep scrolling for the Suspense’s cool and charismatic photo series, and maybe play one of his songs to get the full experience!

The truth is that it was so difficult to narrow down these photos–can you tell? The camera loves him!

Which photo is your favorite? Let me know in the comments, and check out Travis’s music here!




2 thoughts on “Rapper & Entrepreneur Suspense has Killer Style

  1. I am very surprised you posted this. He doesn’t have a job, lives with his aunt, donates blood for income, and abuses women. He has no rhythm, cannot dance or rap. He is an embarrassment. He is a 31 year old kid with big dreams who never paid a bill and mooches off of his family instead of working. There is nothing soulful or anything that has to do with rap/r&b about him. His actions, likes and demeanor are that of a Caucasian individual and we all know what I mean when I say that. I’ve seen him ghost women, abuse them mentally and physically and even emotionally. This is an Individual who what you see you do not get. There is an underlying meanness I that I have witnessed about him.


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