Holidays at the Morehead Inn

Remember that episode of Gilmore Girls where Lorelei and Rory go on a college road trip, end up in a B&B and spend the next twelve hours trying to avoid the breakfasts, the guests, and overattentive staff?

As much as I love my Gilmore Girls, I can’t let them give Bed & Breakfasts a bad name. Maybe I’m too much of an extrovert, but the experience of staying in a hotel that feels like a home ignites my sense of adventure. I could be an Agatha Christie story or a romance novel or solving a mystery with Holmes and Watson! A fancy hotel might make you feel like royalty, but B&B’s with character make you feel like you’re the center of a spectacular story.

So this brings me to the Morehead Inn, a beautiful historic house in Charlotte, North Carolina. It’s minutes away from the airport but feels like you’ve been whisked away to a place far from the city due to the historic neighborhood.

The Morehead was built in 1917, and the story goes that businessman Charles Campbell Coddington was traveling to Charlotte when he laid eyes on Majorie Lyon, and was so taken with her that Coddington put his entire business on hold until he could meet her. A year later, they married and then settled into a home on Morehead Street.

The Coddingtons eventually passed (you can read more about their tragic ends on the Morehead’s history page) and “The Old Coddington House” remained private until the 1980s, when it was reopened to the public as The Morehead Inn.

In preparation for the holidays, the Inn is lusciously decorated for the holidays with Christmas trees, wreaths, decorations, and historic charm that is perfect for a winter getaway.

You walk into foyer to see the welcoming arrangement of furniture, perfect for reading a book in front of the fireplace or waiting for breakfast to be served the next morning. Not one, but two Christmas trees guard the patio doors, and immediately you feel like you’ve entered a refuge from the harsh cold outside.

Off to the left is the front desk (so if you would like to pull a Lorelei and creep around the house unnoticed, it is relatively easy to do so), where you can check in, have a chat with the friendly staff, and read about the Morehead Inn’s vibrant history. Then through the main room is the dining hall, which is reserved primarily for breakfast, although the Inn regularly hosts special events and conferences.

Opposite the dining hall is the library (I admit, I made a joke or two in the nature of “I suspect Mr. Green in the library with the revolver”), sans Elf-on-the-Shelf, where you can settle in for a cup of tea and a good book or a quiet chat. The phrase “cozy nook” comes to mind, and it’s easy to see myself spending hours reading Bird Box (next to real birds) or Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine on a rainy day.

Then when you’re ready to ascend the stairs to your bedroom, you’ll be shocked by this stunning, open-aired staircase. You can stop halfway to look out the window or admire the warm, magical atmosphere. I couldn’t help but picture myself descending the stairs wearing a fancy dress to a party in the main room, Scarlett O’Hara style.

The upstairs space seems much quieter, and you can retreat to your room and be spoiled with soft sheets, specialty bath products, and even an outdoor patio. Whether you’re taking a self-care solo vacation, work trip, or romantic getaway, these rooms will have you spoiled! It is also a delight to wander around the second floor and examine the antique furniture, historic art, and grab a cup of tea.

And if you venture outside, you can explore more of the beautiful property. During the summer months the fountains are going, the flowers are blooming, and you can catch more sun outside. Although, during snow or sunshine, the greenery at the Morehead Inn is simply magical.

Then when you’re ready to come back in from your stroll, you will very likely be greeted by the friendly cat Elvis! Guests with allergies can avoid him, since the upstairs rooms are private, but if you’re a cat person Elvis is very friendly and equally fluffy (though he wouldn’t stay still enough to for me to capture more than a side-eye glance). 

In the mornings, you will get to enjoy some delicious breakfast options, including bacon, eggs, pancakes, french toast, fresh fruit, yogurt, and a buffet of coffee, tea, and juice to fit your fancy. Again, you can sit semi-privately at a table by the window (which is where I found my best lighting), or at the grand centered dining table where you can get to know other guests over a meal.

I loved my short but sweet stay at the beautiful, historic Morehead Inn, and the next time I’m in Charlotte, I hope I can stay for longer and explore more of the city and truly enjoy my time at this gem even more.

So no matter if you’re a seasoned traveler, businessperson looking for a personalized stay in a quiet location, or someone who needs to get away from the hustle and bustle for a while, the Morehead Inn is the right place to go for southern charm, comfortable beds, and pleasantries to go around. You can also use their space for weddings, conferences, and other events!

Can this place get any more perfect?

You can book your stay at the Morehead Inn on their website and see more on their Facebook page!




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