Green Light Nights: Evening Street Photography

I was going to call this post something like “melancholy nights” or “sad self portraits” or something equality as angsty, but then the song “Greenlight” by Lorde popped into my head as I was editing these photos. I thought of the music video, of the bright, saturated colors that swirled as she danced on the sidewalk of a lamp-lit street. And with that vision came the idea that I need to be reminded of every now and again: it’s okay to be sad.

I took these pictures on a Saturday night some time ago, when I wasn’t having the best day. I canceled a shoot with a photographer, had some anxiety after which I took a Xanex, and ended up getting my times crossed and missing a concert which I was supposed to take photos at. I ended up on the bustling streets of New York at night, just feeling a bit blue.

In truth, sometimes after I come down from a wave of anxiety (which I classify to be less than an anxiety attack) I get a little melancholy. Sometimes I just want to wallow and be sad for a bit. (Side note: I made this feeling worse after I gave a lovely young woman the wrong directions–twice. Why do I bother giving directions? I’m terrible with directions? And why was I trying to be nice to a stranger and give directions?)

So in my wanderings, I got some cool shots of New York City at night, and some neat, if a little angsty and sad, self-portraits with my camera. I hope you like them, and that when you’re feeling blue you can remember that it’s okay to wallow every now and then.












Even when things get blue, you can find beauty around you. Don’t forget to keep searching for that worthwhile something.




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