Fall into the Enchanting World of Ethereal UK

The phrase “hauntingly beautiful” describes Miss Waritsara ‘Yui’ Karlberg to a tee. The singer-songwriter-multi-instrumentalist known as Ethereal UK embraces ambiance and the raw desire to explore the extraordinary. Ethereal UK can’t be tied down with a single label, and her deeply personal lyrics connect with her Thai heritage and Swedish homeland, touch on depression, anxiety, and Aspergers, and express her experiences of being a transgender woman.

Ethereal UK is nothing short of extraordinary. Her beautiful voice that brushes with the avant garde will transport you to other worlds that are new and enchanting, but somehow still at home. Listen to her debut album here, and keep reading to learn more about Yui a.k.a. Ethereal UK!


How did you get your start in music?

I would say it was from busking in the streets of the local area where I live and TIL this day, I still do it! 


Your debut album was released last month, can you tell me about the concept and what inspired your music?

The concept was on mental health especially with depression, anxiety, minor PTSD, being trans as well as Aspergers. Being Buddhist is in there some where too.


How does your identity as a transgender woman influence your songwriting?

Oh immensely. I can’t do much about how narrow minded and naive people see me but I can certainly do with accepting myself, so that plays a big part in my song writing.



You add a variety of different instruments to your songs to create beautiful, ambient sounds, and you’re also a multi-instrumentalists. How many instruments do you play?

Hmm…violin, viola, piano, synth, pin (Thai guitar), anantar (Turkish dulcimer), bass, guitar, uke. Not much lol.


If you could open for any artist or band, who would it be?

Anohni, Florence and the Machine, London Grammar…Those are the main ones.


Lastly, what has been your favorite moment of your music career, the kind of experience that makes you think, “this is why I do what I do”?

Oh definitely from busking. I get really close and personal with faces every day!



You can connect with Ethereal UK on her website, as well as her FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!




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