Matt Sperrazza is Pop Music, Etc.

Let’s kick off the new year with a rising new artist from Nashville, Matt Sperrazza. He is a self-described pop musician, but favors a natural, almost folksy musical sound to tell ear-to-the-ground tales and whimsical stories. Think pop music…etc.

Sperrazza’s first EP is available to listen to on Apple Music, Spotify, and wherever else you get your tunes. Keep reading to get to know more on the backstory of his EP, his new creative projects, and what he wants to do next!


Your debut EP, Camp Ohana, was released last year and you’ve said it tells a story about the role of your family in your life. Can you tell me more about the story behind Camp Ohana and its meaning to you?

Camp Ohana was originally a “camp” that my family created.  I have an extremely large family and growing up we were pretty much together every single day, especially over the summers.  When I was younger, because my cousins and I were always together, my aunts and uncles decided to make t-shirts that said Camp Ohana on them and to bring us on “field trips.” Basically, we got a camp discount wherever we went, haha.  Camp Ohana has always been something that represents how close my family members and I are.  At the end of the story of my EP Camp Ohana, the character Johnny leaves home, the same way that I needed to once I decided to pursue music and move to Nashville.  He doesn’t leave because he wants to go, but because it is the next step he has to take.  


When and how did you get your start making music?

I wrote my first song when I was 7.  It was about whether or not they had cars on the planet of Mars.  I started writing music because I did not want to practice what my piano teacher gave me to practice.


What’s unique about your sound is that you don’t favor beats, synthetic sounds, and the other bells and whistles that many pop artists use. What makes you favor this sort of folk sound while you still identify your music as pop?

My debut EP Camp Ohana was definitely influenced by pop and musical theater.  The last three singles, were sort a transition into a more pop sound, but still maintaining that identifiable sound that goes with my music.  My next project will be another step into new sound, this time furthering into pop, but again maintaining a distinct Matt Sperrazza style.  


You recently wrote the score that was used in a short film, which is way cool. How do the songwriting processes for pop music and scores compare?

The largest difference between writing a score and writing a pop song is in the hook.  There is definitely still a hook in a score, however, the piece of music as a whole is used more as a tool to make the scene more effective, where as in a pop song, your hook is often the most important piece of the song.  Writing the score was a fantastic experience, it allowed me an entirely new perspective on making music! 


Since you’ve released a handful of sequels this year, can we expect a new EP or album? What’s next for you?

I recently released three songs (Memories, Another Shot of Whiskey, and Love’s Not Enough) which were sort of a transition project from Camp Ohana’s style into a new sound.  I am currently finishing up what will be my debut album, and will begin releasing it in the next few months! 

My debut EP Camp Ohana was recently written as a half feature length musical film which I composed all of the music for, acted in, and was a producer on.  We will be doing a full independent film festival run and releasing it to the public! 

I will be releasing a music video for my single Another Shot of Whiskey in the upcoming weeks on my Facebook page.  You can find my other music videos there, including Love’s Not Enough which was released last month! 


Take a listen to Matt Sperrazza, and don’t forget to follow him on Facebook!






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