I’m Not Here for Trendy Feminism

Let’s get something clear, even if I am stating the obvious: I am a feminist.

Clearer still, but less obvious: I’m not particularly active on social media with my political opinions, but I certainly have them.

Oh do I have them.

I majored in Political Science with a minor in Philosophy, attended from a single-sex university, wrote my thesis on the intersections of sexual assault and power in the music industry as demonstrated in legal cases, and used contemporary, classic, and Marxist feminist texts to do it.

“But Kat,” you might say, “how come you didn’t attend the Women’s March or live-tweet the general election?” Well, crowds and people on the internet yelling on me are two things that make me anxious, so I took a seat but kept myself in the loop so I can support my siblings from the sidelines.

My kind of feminism is intersectional, for all kinds of people in all cultures, races, classes, and gender identities. Feminism isn’t a brand that you wear to feel cool or trendy. It’s not just a collection of pink hats, it’s not man-hating or bra burning (we hate the patriarchy, and bras are expensive), and there is no checkbox for how to be (or look like) a feminist.

The most basic definition of feminism is the movement towards gender equality. It’s frustrating to see the values and ideals that I have turned into something glittery, shiny, and commercialized, and to have to combat a brand-new wave of people that think of feminism as something the kids are doing these days. Feminism is about changing the world we live in to be better for ourselves and for others.

That’s nothing that can be bought and sold.


Thanks for reading, and if you’re interested, I have a growing playlist of badass women with no room for the patriarchy.




One thought on “I’m Not Here for Trendy Feminism

  1. This is so true! Feminism is so trendy right now but how many people actually support what it really stands for and how many of them will still be around when it goes out of style?


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