Listen to the New Dance Single from Phoenix Lord & Robin S

You might remember the name Phoenix Lord from a previous post I wrote, or you might know him from the Canadian dance-pop scene (which I am not very plugged into…yet). Well, as promised in the last post, Phoenix Lord has released his latest single “I Believe,” with 90’s pop diva, Robin S.

If you listened to his debut album last year, The Mass of Phoenix, you would have heard the way this DJ-composer-producer is not afraid to play with other genres and sounds, sampling parts all over the world. The album ended up reaching 6th on the iTunes Dance charts. This time, the single “I Believe” taps into 90’s pop sounds with his own contemporary style.

Robin S also brings her own flair to the table with belting vocals and unmatched passion. She won Best Dance Artist at the Billboard Awards in 1993, and her song “Show Me Love” was awarded Best Dance Single. Together, they raise the bar for contemporary dance music while carrying a message of hope and faith. Take a listen to the single below.

So what do you think? Does “I Believe” make you want to lose yourself in dance or become a better version of yourself?


Let me know in the comments, and you can follow Phoenix Lord on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!






2 thoughts on “Listen to the New Dance Single from Phoenix Lord & Robin S

  1. I love that it has such a positive message. I can’t even listen to the radio anymore because the majority of the songs played have lyrics that impact me in a negative way.


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