DIY Jewelry with Bracelet Bash

This post is sponsored by Bracelet Bash, but, as always, all opinions are my own.

My secret is: I’m not particularly good with making things from scratch. Still I love DIY projects, and Bracelet Bash came through with a fun and easy projects for DIY-ers of all ages: Confetti Bracelets!

Follow the images through with me to see how the bracelet-making process goes–it’s so simple and fun, so there’s no need for worry!



First things first, stop to admire the pretty Confetti Bracelets package.


Second, open the package and lay out all the parts. You’ll get a piece of elastic string, some fun beads, a couple of charms, and an instruction sheet on how to craft your own creation.



Oh! And the kits are also customizable! I love my little K charm, and who can resist these colors?

Now I’m putting the bracelets together. The Bracelet Bash gurus recommend that you attach the charm to the very beginning or end of the string, so it hides the loose pieces where you form a knot.

The kits also come with a little clasp so that your beads won’t fall off while you’re stringing them up (I remember many-a-time when I would make jewelry as a little girl, and one slip of the hand could lead to beads all across the floor.

And ta-da! I came up with two bracelets that I love! I didn’t end up using all the string or beads (tiny wrists?) so I’ll be sure to figure out a way to keep the DIY going!



Of course, learn how to get your own custom bracelet kit at Bracelet Bash, and let me know how you like them! You can also follow their store on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.





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