Kwassa: Carefree, Refreshing, with a Little Bit of Fizz

I walk a fine line between “oh there are too many artists to cover” and “oh I need more artists to discover” so I guess I’m just the worst.

So I cannot believe I haven’t talked about Kwassa yet! I listened to the indie-pop singer when he was still known as KYKO, all the way back when I was living in London (he’s also fantastic live by the way).

This beachy-pop singer first got noticed by STA Travel Sounds, a platform that showcases rising artists with original content. When I first heard the acoustic single, “Nature,” I knew I was hooked. Other highlights include “Animals,” “Native,” and the most recent release “moonwalking.”



What I really love about Kwassa’s music is the carefree, let’s-have-a-conversation-in-a-crowded-room vibe that has a unique flavor in the London indie scene. That connection between singer and listener doesn’t have to be intense or filled with unrivaled passion, it can be contained, and somehow that makes the experience a little more authentic.

When I saw Kwassa live in London, I was pleasantly surprised to see so many, well, fangirls show up to the concert. If you filled a stadium with that kind of audience, you would get a One Direction show. Instead, these were concert-goers who loved his music, who sang along to every word, who cheered and screamed and made the room feel like we were all a part of something bigger. That night felt like it could be a room full of 100 people or a venue full of 1,000, and this was the kind of artist that could make it happen.

Since it’s unfair to compare pop musicians to each other and argue who is “better” when everyone is so different, I have to point out the uniqueness and refreshing sound that Kwassa emulates with his music. It’s a little reserved, a little quiet, a little contained, but all of these things are funneled into a directness that’s more poignant, more real.

Honestly? He sounds like coconut water with a bit of seltzer to fizz things up. I don’t need to drink sugary sodas all the time.


Keep up with Kwassa on his website, or follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And of course, let me know what you think!





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