Thoughts I’ve Had While Blogging

Recently I realized that I need to be more authentic with myself and my platform. I want people to like me for me, and I want to put my best, real self forward. Not that I haven’t been doing that already, but I was starting to put myself into a box of what I thought I should be as a blogger. Now that Instagram’s algorithm is being more and more of a boob-punch I’ve got nothing to lose, right?

Ahem, so here is a list of 30 real, authentic, and not-so-proper thoughts I’ve had while blogging…or late and night when I can’t sleep and I’m thinking about blogging.


1. I complain more about Instagram’s algorithm than I should when I’ve never taken a computer science class and I placed into Math 101…in college.

2. Do I love this blogger’s content, envy her engagement, or just have a girl crush?

3. This is the ninth time a variation of this company has reached out to me to grow my following. I hope all of you communicate with each other so that I don’t get another one of these messages!

4. late at night when I’m trying to sleep: I’m funny on Twitter, right?

5. If I hear one more person refer to “the follow/unfollow game” I’m going to scream.

6. Waiting to hear back from a company is way more stressful than waiting to hear back from a crush.

7. Judges blogs on their writing quality.

8. Feels guilty about judging other blogs.

9. I wish I had an Instagram husband to take photos of me.

10. Is my tripod to low? Why can’t I get a good angle?

11. A good flatlay is like a chocolate croissant–layered, delicate, and every time I see one I cry a little.

12. This blogger is so talented literally how does she not have a million bazillion followers?

13. Engagement pods are beautiful things, especially when they’re like having a group of sorority sisters you can vent to and support.

14. How do I convey how much I love this person and would die for them without sounding creepy? Oh and how can I do it using emojis?

15. Sees the photo you used for a header two months ago on another blogger’s post…but you both got it from Unsplash.

16. All bloggers must be beautiful procrastinators.

17. Sees an Instagram post taken in your city. Literally how have I never been there??

18. The people who run blogging Facebook groups and Twitter retweet accounts are goddesses and deserve the highest praise.

19. Oh the birthday/blog anniversary balloons are here again.

20. Free stuff doesn’t pay the bills.

21. Where can I get some free stuff?

22. How are they getting so many views on their site and have 0 likes on WordPress?

23. What’s a schedule?

24. How. Do. You. Edit. Your. Photos. Like. That???

25. I can’t stick with an Instagram feed theme because I have commitment issues.

26. I wish I could just give every white girl with “gypsy” in their Instagram handle a business card that says “gypsy is a slur and you need a better blog title.”

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27. Positivity bloggers quietly and truly make the world a better place.

28. I would love to do this full time!

29. Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m enough.

30. I love what I do, and the little things make all the hard work worthwhile.


I love being a blogger, and (most of) the shenanigans that come with it. What are the thoughts you’ve had while blogging? Let me know in the comments!









13 thoughts on “Thoughts I’ve Had While Blogging

  1. I must say I have some of the same thoughts……for me blogging has been a journey – which spans 9 years, though I have not always been present and consistent. I just recently returned and I find I am struggling due to the fact that my life has changed (whose doesn’t??) and I cannot put the time and effort into reading, commenting and writing. I primarily write prose/poetry and I go through periods of writers block. So….I am trying not to place pressure on myself (this is what I do) to post post post – like I used to….its not easy but I am trying…. 🙂


    1. It’s amazing that you’ve been blogging so long! I feel like I often interact with new bloggers. Maybe the platforms for communication are different than they used to be?

      I’m also the worst with reading and commenting. It’s hard to really digest new content when you’re so focused on putting out your own stuff. I think in the words of Marie Kondo, it’s about finding the things that spark joy. And in my own words, it’s also about getting a system where you can better find and access those joy-sparking things.

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      1. WP has evolved constantly it seems – I stumbled into blogging as a result of an ex boyfriend who encouraged me to give it a try. He knew I loved to write. That is how it started….then somehow it evolved into poetry as a result of breakups, depression……yada yada yada. Then things change and I could not keep up, then stuff happens – a death of a partner, kids growing up then back to writing. Blogging became a lifeline – truly. Then life changes again – new job, new people…my older son tells me at Xmas – why aren’t you writing anymore? The bug in the ear brought me back – but I find writing poetry is not as easy as it was – before it came from a place of darkness and sorrow…. – not all but most. I am having to evolve and it is a wonderful thing – everything else is in wonderful place – now the writing has to get caught up!


  2. I had a chuckle as I read through your list .. I have hardly used instagram, dare I mention the ” “the follow/unfollow game”- I hate it. Please don’t scream. Looking forward to your next post.


  3. I also hate the follow/unfollow crap! And yes, I find it funny when I find someone using the same photo as me because we both got them from unsplash. It’s amazing how many thoughts you can have when looking through others blogs!


  4. These are great! I too cannot stand the follow/unfollow accounts. Blech. And isn’t it true that stock images are a blogger’s best friend?! Love that you posted these thoughts that most of us have quite often 🙂


  5. I agree with your statement number 5. Some people use the follow and unfollow method, which is all about following people then unfollowing them days later hoping that they won’t notice. The aim of the method is to help the person get more followers.


  6. Haha, I can’t stick with an Instagram feed because I’m just too lazy. I need to work on that. XP And I FEEL YOU on the follow/unfollow game comments. It’s a tactic so many people use, everyone knows about it, and everyone knows it sucks. IG users will do it anyway, so we just need to keep on keepin’ on.


  7. So many painful yet true words! Blogging should be fun at first and then everything else. I have only one thought when I blog and write my posts: ”Is this written properly?” (English is not my native language so I will always be insecure about my writing.)


  8. I’m sure I’ve had some of these thoughts over the years. I’ve been blogging for 10 years now so it is truly a creative outlet for me and I follow the beat of my own drum now… Oh and thank you for applauding those of us who run Facebook/Twitter engagement groups. ❤
    I feel like a goddess for sure! 🙂


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