Stephanie Chinn’s Custom Illustrations Inspire Love and Positivity

I came across Stephanie Chinn’s artwork and immediately adored it. If you read my post on creating a mood board for my first apartment, you know that I’m chomping at the bit to get a space of my own, and that I want lots and lots of art in my space.

And if you’re here on Indierella right now, you probably know that I really really love discovering and championing people who make creative things. If you love something, share it with people! That brings us to Stephanie Chinn and her awesome work.

Stephanie is an artist and illustrator who has created artwork for books, logos, websites, social media content, bloggers (hey hey), and more! Something she says perfectly that I really love is that “she explores what it means to be human by breaking down awkward, yet funny experiences.”

Her Instagram feed is where a most of her creative content lives (as many of us can relate to), and I’m so pumped to show you some of her fun, inspiring prints:



I love how her style is a little quirky and has a lot of honesty. To go into an analytical mode for a second, I wouldn’t say Stephanie’s art is a kind of Feminist brand, but if you’re a young, modern feminist with a love of color and lightheartedness, then you’ve found your niche!


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@callmeacreator is back in action with a new inspiring interview with @amandalederle from @createbeing . . 🥰One of the greatest gifts I’ve been given while pursuing this project is community. I didn’t set out to create the relationships I have built through this project, but I have. Some of my closest confidants in Toronto are people I’ve met through pursuing this vision that I had. A vision that highlighted artists and entrepreneurs who were willing to be vulnerable with me about what challenges they face in being a creative and share their story about how they came to be. . Amanda (@amandalederle) from @createbeing did just that. She is creating a space that leans into making mental health a less taboo topic. She shares her own person story with us in this interview and some insight on how she carved out a space for herself to heal and create by pursing this dream and by giving back to people. She shares her story of what her mission is and the mission behind @createbeing . . To read the full interview click on the link in the @callmeacreator bio! . . ✍🏼Curated by @stephaniechinnart 👩🏻‍💻Edited by @bull_katie . . .#toronto#torontoartist #mentalhealth #mentalhealthtoronto #focusonthegood #friday #yay #anxiety #wellbeing #artist #artistformentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthday #mentalhealthquotes #healing #torontohealth #torontodesign #stephaniechinn #createbeinf #callmeacreator #torontoprojects #artist #illustartion #editorialillustration

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And of course, you can commission an artwork of your own! Whether it’s for your home, a friend, a loved one, a birthday, an anniversary, who doesn’t love their own work of art?


I love how art can connect to people, and honestly, looking at Stephanie’s illustrations simply make me happy. You really don’t have to be an Art Historian to love all kinds of art, and you certainly don’t have to be that to support your local artists.


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Hi! I’m Stephanie. 👋🏻 There have been a lot of new faces around here lately so I wanted to do my first intro post!. . I live in Toronto with my partner @mickiah, who is the amazing man you will see setting up at my workshops & basically just being the worlds most supportive human. We have three pups; Hendricks, Nom Noms and Molly. They are crazy & perfect . I have always been creative and constantly creating, but I have only been actively drawing for about 2 years now. I originally started drawing just to break down my feelings and now I’m here! . I am originally from St. Petersburg, Fl; there I owned and operated a cupcake catering business. . Now for random things you may not know! 🔍 The industry I’ve actually worked the most in is the music industry working for music festivals; such as SXSW & NXNE. Music is and will always be the first love of my life. @gabriellluhhh and I used to sneak out and go to every show we could get our hands on. . I basically base my entire life off everything I’ve learned from Oprah. When I feel stuck, or I’m getting lost in the details, I always circle back to “but what is my intention and what do I ACTUALLY want to do with my life” and I always hear it in Oprahs voice…in my head, which is odd now that I type it out loud . I started dancing last year after spending my ENTIRE life wanting to dance. I was rejected in 6th grade for a dance group, I basically internalized it until I was 28 (a lot of unpacking there) And now I perform quarterly with @armyofsass . The smell of coconut makes me feel at home. . As a kid, I was always interested in what other people’s motives were and always tried to break everything down. I have always been a daydreaming human who paid attention to what was going on underneath the surface of everything. . I once dressed up as a ninja turtle for SDCC and was on Fox News in San Diego. It was the greatest yet most embarrassing moment of my life. . If I see anyone cry out of joy, I instantly respond and cry as well. 👩 I’m a few months away from 30, and I’m honestly stoked, Life just keeps getting cooler. . Now, tell me something about you! . . 📸 by @swirephotos

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Make sure you contact Stephanie Chinn for her rates and promotions to get your own unique piece of art for all your design purposes! You can find her on her website, her store, her blog, plus Facebook, and Instagram!





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  1. Great post.I love her artwork! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ By any chance you are interested on doing collaborations, you can check out the collaborations portal of and connect with amazing brands!



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