Thorisson is Full of Wit and Feel-Good Vibes

When I should have been finishing up this blog post, I was watching the video for Thorisson’s “Rise Up” again, so you all can’t say “I told you so” when I wake up with it stuck in my head tomorrow. Icelandic-born, England-living songwriter and producer Thorisson dropped his latest hit (featuring Amanda Bashnakova of BASH!) just a few weeks ago, with the music video following shortly after. He loves 80’s inspired, feel good tunes and a funky saxophone solo. Get to know more about him!


What inspires you to create music?

Everything! Usually my inspiration comes when I’m out walking, but then I realise I have no way of recording my ideas so often I end up forgetting them before I get a chance to work with them.


Tell me about your latest single, “Rise Up.” What is it about, what is the message you want to share?

It’s an empowerment song. It wasn’t meant to be at first, but when we (me and Teivas Tevajärvi) wrote the chorus it ended up being that, so we just went with it. That’s when I got Amanda in to finish the whole thing and the message ended up being one against discrimination.


How did you end up playing the saxophone?

I was working on a song (New Dawn) that had a lot of midi saxophone and thought it’d be really cool to actually play the sax on it, so I went and bought myself one. It took a lot of Youtube tutorials for me to get any good on it though!



As a producer, how do you choose which vocalists to work with?

That depends really. I usually have an idea for what kind of vocals would work well with the song I’m working on, so I just look for a suitable singer and hope they are up for it.


You’re originally from Iceland, what made you choose to move to the UK?

I came here for uni. They don’t teach music production at university level in Iceland, so I had to go abroad, and England was the most appealing to me.


Where is one place in the world that you would love to perform in?

There are so many! But for now, I think it would have to be at the Secret Solstice festival in Iceland – the atmosphere there is so good.


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What can we expect next from you?

I have a few new songs coming up with [Icelandic duo] Hedband – hopefully soon – that I think are sounding pretty good. I also have a few solo projects that I’m aiming to put out during the summer, they’re all really 80s sounding.


On a scale of 1-10, how do you like the song? Let me know in the comments! You can also follow more of Thorisson on Facebook and Instagram (definitely Instagram).




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