“Kids” of the Future: Anja Kotar

A trend I’m seeing in pop music is this kind of reflection on our self-to-technology relationships. The 1975 took that narrative last year with their album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships, and the rising pop singer, songwriter, and renaissance woman Anja Kotar is tackling the same topic in her latest single, “KIDS.”

Kortar flirts with the line that divides the Pop music we know and love with the electric individuality of her own aura, and if you keep reading, you’ll get a little taste as to why the way she is: entrancing, a little eclectic as all musicians are, and a bright bold light of creativity.


You’ve had a really incredible journey of following your passion for music, dance, and art.

Thank you so much!! When I was very little, I would constantly walk around the house singing and performing for others. My parents noticed this inexplicable passion for music (no one else in my family is a musician), so they enrolled me in music school for classical piano and dance school at age 6. It was there that this nebulous art form started to take shape in my mind and provided me with the foundation I still refer back to today.


Since you’ve obviously been training in music for some time, and you are already a decorated performer, why did you choose to attend Berklee instead of going straight into the music business?

I strongly believe in the importance of education. That’s something that I’ve seen carries a huge misconception among musicians – the idea that if you go to college and learn about what you do, you miss the window of succeeding in the industry. However, I can say from experience that having that formal education provides an extra layer of knowledge that isn’t attainable through real-life experience and immediately gives you an advantage over other musicians.

When I was figuring out my own college education, I decided to create a hybrid of both pursuing a career and a degree – I was offered to study with Berklee Online (I also took classes during summers and was able to finish my degree in 2.5 years) while traveling and recording music. I’m now living between San Jose, Seattle, and LA while also working on my Master’s Degree in Music Production.

I would definitely encourage young musicians out there to pursue knowledge; to have the desire to not only do but to also understand why.



From music to dance to fashion to acting, what is one project that you would love to do that combines all of your passions at once?

I try to combine these passions in every project I create. These are at the core of who I am as an artist and have helped form my career so far. I plan, oversee, and co-direct all of my music videos, as well as come up with their correlating looks and style them myself. I include acting and dancing components into my visuals because I believe them to be an extension of the expression that is given through music.


Tell me about your debut single, “Kids.”

“Kids” serves as an exposition to the millennial generation and our relationship with technology. I first got the inspiration for it in a hipster coffee shop in Seattle last spring – I remember looking around and seeing everyone was on their phones or laptops, working, communicating, and connecting. I quickly pulled out my iPhone and started writing lyric ideas into Notes (touché), then took the bus to my apartment, pulled out my AKAI beat pad and mic, and set them up right onto the kitchen island. I ordered some takeout pizza and by the end of the night, I had the first demo of “Kids.



If you could collaborate with any musician on a song, who would it be?

One of my favorite artists of all time is Freddie Mercury. Not only was he an incredible vocalist and groundbreaking performer, but he was a true musical visionary and genius. This always has been and always will be a dream, but sometimes I think about just how life changing it would’ve been to have met him and join him in the studio.


What artistic endeavor can we expect from you next?

“Kids” is the first in line of a lot of new music that I have ready for 2019. It’s all examining the impact of technology on millennials and diving deeper into themes that were initially introduced in “Kids”. I’m also very stoked to share the visuals for these new songs – they’re very different than what I’ve previously put out and they represent the artist that I am today.



I’m so excited for you to listen to Anja Kotar, so follow along to her music and socials at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!





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